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“No branch of the Army has suffered a greater identity crisis than Field Artillery, as a result of transformation, COIN-centric operations and non-standard manpower demands of OIF/OEF. The once-mighty ‘King of Battle’ has been described by one of its own officers as a ‘dead branch walking.’ This statement was published in a white paper entitled “The King and I” authored by three ex-maneuver brigade commanders. This paper was recognized widely by the senior leaders of the Army and everyone understood the importance of the issues in the FA. After twelve years of persistent conflict the Army Field Artillery Branch is declining at an alarming rate, there is a continuing deterioration in the Field Artillery skills from section and platoon level through command (FA Center of Excellence). In order for the Artillery to remain reliable and allow the maneuver commander supremacy on the battlefield they will need assistance from a competent higher Field Artillery Headquarters (DIVARTY). DIVARTY is critical for the future of the Army and will allow the Artillery to focus on its three main war fighting functions of fires- deliver fires; integrate all forms of Army, joint and multinational fires; and conduct targeting (ARDP 3.09).
The (fire support observer controller (OC) team at a JRTC rotation in 2010 found was that the soldiers on the guns, as well as the officers in leadership positions, were unaware or untrained on the basic skills required to conduct delivery of fires. The majority of units observed at JRTC and NTC had significant problems with gunnery and crew task. The majority of units were not performing firing tasks, such as howitzer calibration prior to a rotation, and frequently shout out of the safety box (JRTC WFF Trends). The main reason for the continued degradation of these basic skills is that the fires battalions, and fire supporters have been used to fill…...

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