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With the economy's decline, Starbucks's sales also declined. In the past years, many analysts and businessmen predicted that Starbucks will not survive the recession. Starbucks survived, nonetheless, despite all the negative readings they get from various people.

One of the concerns of various companies today is how to increase their profit, without compromising their product's quality. With the effects of the recession still hanging over them like a serpent ready to strike anytime, various businesses are willing to pay top dollar to anyone who can give the best solution to their profit problem.

With the advancement in computer programs, several management systems have mushroomed, each claiming to offer the best solutions to any business related problems. Each management system however, focuses on certain areas of business, some are focused in finance, human resources, and some in profit generation.

A balanced scorecard system is one example of a management system. It is a strategic planning and management system used extensively by various business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations to help align the organization's activities to the vision and strategy of its administrators.

With the economy's decline, Starbucks's sales also declined. In the past years, many analysts and businessmen predicted that Starbucks will not survive the recession. Starbucks survived, nonetheless, despite all the negative readings they get from various people.

One of the concerns of various companies today is how to increase their profit, without compromising their product's quality. With the effects of the recession still hanging over them like a serpent ready to strike anytime, various businesses are willing to pay top dollar to anyone who can give the best solution to their profit problem.

With the advancement in computer programs, several management…...

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