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The Different Kinds of Teachers There are more than a hundred of schools in our island. These schools are scattered all over the island and each school has their own kinds of teacher. Teacher is a person who teaches, especially in a school. But no matter what type of school it is, you will find the same four types of teachers: the friendly type, the survival type, the mastery type, and the impact type. Throughout my years of learning, I have come across these different types of teachers and their teaching methods. These teachers have their own way of affecting the learning life of a student. The friendly type is a teacher that calls his/her students friends. This type of teacher considers the student as their best buddies. The friendly type is always nice and carefree towards the students. This type of teacher never has any type of curriculum to teach and so the teaching method is unprepared. He/her never raises his/her voice to the students because the students might be angry with them. The disadvantage of this teaching method and this type of teacher is that the students will take advantage the teacher. The student will have this mentality that they can do whatever they want because the teacher will not do anything to them. This type of teacher will never help the students achieve something in their life except having more friends. The survival type is a teacher that I know of very well. Unfortunately, there are a lot of these types of teachers in many schools. This type of teacher doesn’t want to be there in the classroom and yet they do it for the money. It is for their survival and not for the future of the students. The survival type of teacher doesn’t have any lesson plans prepared because they depend mostly on the methods and teaching plans of some teachers. Sometimes this type of teacher just…...

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