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Players employ many different offensive strategies with different goals. Most basic strategies are an attempt to create open lanes on the field for the exchange of the disc between the thrower and the receiver. Organized teams assign positions to the players based on their specific strengths. Designated throwers are called handlers and designated receivers are called cutters. The amount of autonomy or overlap between these positions depends on the make-up of the team.
Vertical stack[edit]
One of the most common offensive strategies is the vertical stack. In this strategy, a number of offensive players line up between the disc and the end zone they are attacking. From this position, players in the stack make cuts (sudden sprints) into the space available, attempting to get open and receive the disc. The stack generally lines up in the middle of the field, thereby opening up two lanes along the sidelines for cuts, although a captain may occasionally call for the stack to line up closer to one sideline, leaving open just one larger cutting lane on the other side. Variations of the vertical stack include the Side Stack, where the stack is moved to a sideline and one player is isolated in the open space, and the Split Stack, where players are split between two stacks, one on either sideline. In vertical stack offenses, one player usually plays the role of 'dump', offering a reset option which sets up behind the player with the disc.
Horizontal stack[edit]
Another popular offensive strategy is the horizontal stack. In the most popular form of this offense, three "handlers" line up across the width of the field with four "cutters" downfield, spaced evenly across the field. This formation encourages cutters to attack any of the space either towards or away from the disc, granting each cutter access to the full width of the field and thereby allowing a degree more…...

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...Documentum Webtop, Documentum Web Development Kit, Documentum Administrator, Documentum Webpublisher, Digital Asset Management, Documentum Media Workspace, Documentum Process Builder, Documentum Forms Builder,Taskspace, XCP, Documentum Interactive Delivery Services, Documentum Interactive Delivery Services Accelerated, Adobe Framemaker, Arbortext Editor, WDK, Application Builder, Business Process Manager, Crown Partner Sitebuilder, Buldoser, Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Application Servers, Web Sphere, Weblogic, JRUN, JBOSS and TOMCAT. • Create custom Java applications to interact with Documentum using DFC. • Develop DocApps using Documentum Developer Studio/Application Builder and DAR with Composer • Configure and customize Documentum web based clients using WDK, DFC, DQL, Java and JSP. • Expertise in developing custom Type Based Objects (TBO) for performing business logic and linking objects. • Extensive experience using Documentum WebPublisher for creating XML templates, Configuration Files, Rule Files, Presentation Files, Workflows, Lifecycles, and Folder Mappings and publishing the content to the website using SCS. • Experienced with ITIL, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Release Management. EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION • BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING • Documentum Certified Professional – EMC Proven Content Management Professional • Sun Certified Java......

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...Sadfsdfsdfsdfsd dfgdfg dfgdfg dfg gh cx vxc xcv xc sdfsdf sdfsad sdf sdf sdf sdf xcv xcv xcv xcv xcv xcv vxc xc xcv xcv xcv xcv xcv vxc xcv vx sf sdf sdf sd sdf weweq weq weq weq we sdf dfc c c cf fc f cf fv f fc fv fv frfr frc g bgf n b f fv fv fv cfrfr gt rth h h fv df gf gf gf gf gf gf gf gf gf gf fsd sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf dffaxsda d axda Xd xd xd xd dsxa xdas dsxa dsx dx adx dsa ds asd axsxd axd xd sad sxasd xad dsx asdxa dsa jo jkl jkl jkl jkl jkl jio jiojiojio joho hpo hp p phui huu uhu huh u u ho u uh hu jk kl kl; kl; kl; kl; kl; kl; kl; huhu u ji ji ji ji huh u hu juuiuiui ui ui ui ui ui ui ui ui ui ui ui ui ui rwer rwe wer rerwe wer wer wer re wer were r wer wer wer wer wer wer re wer wer wer wer wer wer wer rwre sdcd cd dcs dcs dcs sdc c dcs cds cd sdc dcs dcs dc ccvx cvx v bv cv cbbc bc b b bv b b bb bvbvbv bv bv bv bv vdc dc dc dc dc dc dc dc dc dc sx sx ssx sx sx sx sx sx sx sx sx xs sxx ssx sx sx sx sx sx sx a sda sda sda sda sda sd sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sdf sf sdf sdf weq weq weq weq weq weq weq weq weqwe qwe q weq weqe qwwe qwe q weqwe qwe q...

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