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DO NOT WRITE ON THIS PACKET!Write your name, period number, and the correct answer for each question on your answer sheet. Take your time and choose your answers carefully! | | |

Tone, Style, and Mood | 1. | The footsteps were coming closer. I knew I had to get out of there fast. Looking desperately around, I finally spotted a small window at the end of the room, a beacon of light in the dark, rancid basement. I sprinted and leapt up to grab a ceiling pipe. Thankfully, the pipe was close enough to the window to allow me to swing my body through. My enemy was making his way down the hall, bursting open door after door. I needed to break through this window in two tries to make it out in time.

What is the mood of the passage? | | |

| A. | timid | | B. | cheerful | | C. | sorrowful | | D. | daring |
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| I was having a crazy dream. For some reason, my face was covered in sticky honey, and a bear was charging toward me! It pounced on me and started licking my face! Yuck. I quickly jerked awake to escape, but for some reason the licking didn't stop! I also realized that something small was running back and forth across my chest. I opened my eyes, and there staring back at me was a puppy! "Awesome!" I yelled. I've wanted a puppy for so long, and here was this adorable brown creature looking up at me. I suddenly realized that today was my birthday! I looked at the doorway and saw my mother smirking at me. "Happy Birthday, Anisa!" she said. I ran to hug her with the puppy in my arms. "Thank you so much! I didn't think you'd ever let me have one." "Well, now that you're 14, I figured it was about time. What are you going to name her?" I studied the puppy's rich chocolate fur and long, floppy ears. "I think I'll name you Slobber since you just slobbered all over me!" I said, and as if she understood me, she started licking my face all over again! | 2. | How does the mood change in the second paragraph? | | |

| A. | The mood becomes joyful. | | B. | The mood becomes peaceful. | | C. | The mood becomes terrifying. | | D. | The mood becomes mysterious. |
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3. | What is the mood at the beginning of the passage? | |

| A. | depressing | | B. | comical | | C. | joyful | | D. | horrifying |
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| Woodland Jeremiah knew that life was going to get better once he finished his degree. To begin with, people who doubted his commitment to education would begin to show him some well-deserved respect. He had planned to visit his elementary school teacher, Mrs. Chen. She was the only one who had shown faith in him more than his own family. Mrs. Chen had told Jeremiah that he would grow up to be one of those people who would be read about in textbooks someday. Jeremiah thought about the day his first day at school in Woodland. His mother had often reminded him about the look of disbelief the people at Woodland gave at the ten-year-old Jeremiah. That day, his mother insisted that Jeremiah could catch up and had asked the principle to give her son a try. Something about her pleadings had worked, and Jeremiah was able to join kids half his age on the pursuit of education. That day was history. | 4. | Which sentence contributes to the optimistic tone of the passage? | | |

| A. | "Jeremiah knew that life was going to get better once he finished his degree." | | B. | "His mother had often reminded him about the look of disbelief the people . . ." | | C. | "Jeremiah thought about the day his first day at school in Woodland." | | D. | "He had planned to visit his elementary school teacher, Mrs. Chen." |
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| Hearts by J. Robbins Shelly dragged herself into school and stood in front of her locker. Valentine's Day was her least favorite day of the year. All around her, people paraded through the school carrying their Valentine's Day gifts like trophies. Why do people try to turn this day into a popularity contest? she wondered drearily. As she opened her locker, something tumbled out and landed on her foot. Shelly reached down and picked up an envelope with her name scribbled across the front. "Dear Shelly, I really can't tell you how I feel about you in a card, but here goes nothing. You are the sweetest girl I've ever met. Would you like to go out with me sometime? Yours truly, Jeremy," Shelly read. She could hardly believe her eyes. Why would Jeremy Prince, the quarterback of the football team, give her a Valentine's Day card? She had never even talked to him! This is like a dream come true! she thought to herself as she closed her locker. "Hey, Shelly," called a voice behind her. "What did you think of your card?" Shelly turned around to see Jeremy Wallace, her physics lab partner, smiling at her. He was wearing the same cartoon character t-shirt and ragged knit cap he wore every day. "You wrote the card?" she gasped. Jeremy grinned and nodded. "Yeah," he admitted. "I've wanted to ask you out since the beginning of the school year." How can such a nerdy guy write something this great? Shelly wondered as she looked down at the card in her hands. "I know that Evil Robot Theory is your favorite band," Jeremy said. "They are having a free concert tonight, and I wondered if you'd like to go with me." He looked at her hopefully, and Shelly felt her reservations disappear. "That is so thoughtful, Jeremy," she told him. "I'd love to go to the concert with you." | 5. | What mood prevails at the end of the story? | | |

| A. | foreboding | | B. | melancholy | | C. | anticipation | | D. | pessimism |
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6. | Which words contribute to the mood of the first paragraph of the story? | |

| A. | favorite and trophies | | B. | reached and picked | | C. | tumbled and wondered | | D. | dragged and drearily |
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| Today was the day. All the students in Ms. Esparza's class had to present their science projects. I had seen everyone else's projects, and although I had tried hard and had followed the steps of the scientific method, my experiment didn't work. I dragged myself into class and slouched in my seat, not raising my hand when Ms. Esparza asked for volunteers to present their projects. After listening to everyone else's presentations, it was my turn. Soberly, I carried my poster and materials to the front of the class. My voice shook as I explained how I had asked my question, formed my hypothesis, and conducted my experiment, only to have it fail. After I finished, I looked over at Ms. Esparza for some sign that I might get a passing score on my project. She only sat scribbling notes on a scoring sheet, frowning slightly. Before lunch, Ms. Esparza called us up individually to get our scores. When it was my turn, she said, "Raphael, I think you will find my comments on your project are appropriate." At lunch, I sat alone, holding Ms. Esparza's folded scoring sheet. After some time, I slowly unfolded the sheet and read the comments. "Nothing in science is exact, and often a failed experiment answers more questions than a successful one. Good work. A+." I could not believe what I was reading! Elated, I tucked the note in my jacket and joined my friends, planning in my mind my next science experiment. | 7. | How does the mood of the story change? | | |

| A. | happy at the beginning and serious at the end | | B. | playful at the beginning and sad at the end | | C. | serious at the beginning and calm at the end | | D. | somber at the beginning and happy at the end |
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8. | from "The Two Brothers" by Leo Tolstoy Two brothers set out on a journey together. At noon they lay down in a forest to rest. When they woke up they saw a stone lying next to them. There was something written on the stone, and they tried to make out what it was. "Whoever finds this stone," they read, "let him go straight into the forest at sunrise. In the forest a river will appear; let him swim across the river, to the other side. There he will find a she-bear and her cubs. Let him take the cubs from her and run up the mountain with them without once looking back. On the top of the mountain he will see a house, and in that house will he find happiness."

Based on the mood of this excerpt, what type of story should the reader expect? | |

| A. | a family history | | B. | a fairy tale or legend | | C. | a biography or autobiography | | D. | an essay |
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9. | The little one-cylinder water-cooled motors weren't real dependable; they'd take you out but seldom brought you back. So Dad started looking for a better one. The Sears catalog offered a little one-horsepower, lightweight, air-cooled motor. It wasn't much bigger than an old-time coffeepot, but Dad finally got up enough nerve to order one. from Totch: A Life in the Everglades by Loren G. "Totch" Brown

Which word best describes the style of this passage? | |

| A. | scholarly | | B. | informal | | C. | formal | | D. | serious |
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10. | There is a place in London, England, where you can meet many famous (and infamous) people. You can meet kings and queens, presidents and their ladies, and theater and movie stars. All of the people are wax likenesses of many of the world's best-known figures—both good and evil. Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum on Baker Street began during the time of the French Revolution by Marie Grosholtz, who was married to a man named Francois Tussaud.

What is the tone of this passage? | |

| A. | suspicious | | B. | informational | | C. | humorous | | D. | sarcastic |
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11. | from "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe During the whole of a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year, when the clouds hung oppressively low in the heavens, I had been passing alone, on horseback, through a singularly dreary tract of country, and at length found myself, as the shades of the evening drew on, within view of the melancholy House of Usher.

What mood is established in this paragraph? | |

| A. | eagerness | | B. | sympathetic | | C. | calm | | D. | foreboding |
Write your response here:

| I place my groceries on the conveyor belt and make sure that I have grabbed everything on my shopping list. It's close to dinner time, and my stomach is already starting to growl. I cannot wait to prepare a quick meal of spaghetti and meatballs. I start tapping my feet. Can't this line move any faster? I reach into my purse to grab my wallet, but surprisingly, my hand does not wrap around the familiar bulk. I dig frantically, but it's no use. My wallet is gone! I hastily tell the cashier my situation and hightail it out of there. Grabbing my cell phone, I call my credit card company to check the activity on it. "Thank you for calling MasterCard. This is Cindy. How can I help you?" "I can't find my wallet! Will you check the activity on my account, please?!" "Yes, of course. Just give me a second while I run the request. Can I put you on hold please?" "Do I have a choice?!" I mumble to the music on hold. "Ma'am? Someone has just made a purchase at Peggy's Nail and Spa." My mouth drops as the news sinks in. Nancy is the only person I know who goes there and the only person who has easy access to my purse! I cannot BELIEVE the nerve of that woman! I give her a place to stay, let her borrow $500, help her look for a job, and how does she thank me?! She steals my identity! I am going to make her PAY!!! | 12. | How does the mood change in the second paragraph? | | |

| A. | The mood becomes frantic. | | B. | The mood becomes soothing. | | C. | The mood becomes gloomy. | | D. | The mood becomes comical. |
Write your response here:

13. | What is the mood at the very end of the passage? | |

| A. | horrific | | B. | angry | | C. | adventurous | | D. | sorrowful |
Write your response here:

14. | What is the mood of paragraph 1? | |

| A. | impatient | | B. | hopeful | | C. | threatening | | D. | melancholic |
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15. | The year is 2020. You've just graduated from a highly-ranked virtual university. You had the opportunity to take e-learning classes from great professors and world leaders in government and business. It's cool to be smart—and even cooler to really understand technology. Almost all the good jobs today involve science, engineering, and technology. And there is such a demand for workers with your skills that you can choose from thousands of jobs. Many of these jobs have high starting salaries and perks like your own pet robot, a new convertible astromobile, or monthly online shopping allowances.

What is the mood of this passage? | |

| A. | anxious, fearful | | B. | expectant, frightened | | C. | expectant, confident | | D. | dreary, depressed |
Write your response here:

16. | I look out my window to observe the torrential downpour. Ironically, the weather reflects my mood. I can't believe that Cora humiliated me like that. She could've just checked "no" and returned the note to me. She didn't have to stand on top of a table and announce to the whole world that she would never date me. Girls are so cruel. My life is completely ruined. My head is still ringing with the disdainful laughs of the entire student body. There is no way I can go to school tomorrow.

What word below best describes the mood of this passage? | |

| A. | comical | | B. | romantic | | C. | chilling | | D. | depressing |
Write your response here:

17. | from "The Myth of Demeter" "I suffer!" cried Demeter. "I suffer! Here—" She struck herself on the chest. "Here—in my mother's heart. And if I suffer, then everyone else shall suffer, too. For the months that you spend with that scoundrel, no grass will grow, no flowers blow, no trees will bear. So long as you are below, there will be desolation everywhere."

Which words contribute to the anguished mood of this passage? | |

| A. | "spend" and "bear" | | B. | "suffer" and "desolation" | | C. | "scoundrel" and "months" | | D. | "heart" and "chest" |
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18. | The room was hushed. All one could hear was the rhythmic breathing of the surgical team and the beeping machines. Beads of sweat formed on the surgeon's brow. He and his team were working diligently to remove the remains of a tumor. He kept his hands steady and carefully maneuvered his knife. One mistake could cost him his patient's life. He did not want to rupture a blood vessel. He did not want to slice a nerve.

What is the mood of the passage? | |

| A. | heart-breaking | | B. | cautious | | C. | threatening | | D. | sinister |
Write your response here:

| My Baby Sister by A. Gautam Fresh like morning dew
On a new leaf that has just sprung
After the longest winter
She rests on the leaf of the blanket
—pink as her soft cheeks
And blossoms in her sleep
Unaware of the world that has turned
Upside down because of her
And only for her | | 19. | The author's tone in this poem can be best described as | | |

| A. | sentimental. | | B. | apathetic. | | C. | confused. | | D. | humorous. |
Write your response here:

| "The Battle of Gettysburg was fought in 1863 . . . " the tour guide began, but I was too distracted to follow her carefully rehearsed speech. I looked out across the Gettysburg Battlefield in amazement. For as long as I could remember, my dad had taught me about United States history. His passion for history, especially the Civil War, had inspired me to travel to the battlefield. Tears pricked my eyes at the thought of the United States soldiers who had lost their lives at Gettysburg. My eyes devoured every detail of the Battlefield, and I tried to memorize each blade of grass on the gently sloping landscape. I wanted to carry this memory with me forever. "In conclusion, this historical site is one that every United States citizen should visit," said the tour guide. My heart silently agreed with her. | 20. | The author creates the mood of this passage mainly through | | |

| A. | foreshadowing. | | B. | setting. | | C. | symbolism. | | D. | characters. |
Write your response here:

21. | Which word best describes the mood of this passage? | |

| A. | comedic | | B. | ambivalent | | C. | sinister | | D. | patriotic |
Write your response here:

22. | Prudence woke up on Saturday morning with great excitement. The day had finally come. She would finally get to compete in the Academic Decathlon National Competition. Hundreds of recruiters were going to be there looking for the brightest young minds in America, and she couldn't wait to show off her skills. She hoped to attract the attention of Harvard or Yale. Her dream was to attend an Ivy League School, but she knew her parents wouldn't be able to afford the costs. A full scholarship would solve all of her problems.

What is the mood of the passage? | |

| A. | comical | | B. | daring | | C. | powerful | | D. | hopeful |
Write your response here:

23. | from "The Story of King Midas" There was a king named Midas, and what he loved best in the world was gold. He had plenty of his own, but he could not bear the thought of anyone else having any. Each morning he awoke very early to watch the sunrise and said, "Of all the gods, if gods there be, I like you least, Apollo. How dare you ride so unthriftily in your sun-chariot, scattering golden sheaves of light on rich and poor alike—on king and peasant, on merchant, shepherd, warrior? This is an evil thing, oh wastrel god, for only kings should have gold; only the rich know what to do with it."

What is the mood of this passage? | |

| A. | defeated | | B. | suspenseful | | C. | dissatisfied | | D. | wealthy |
Write your response here:

24. | Half Full
A rainy day will go away.
A failing grade can soon be raised.
A nasty cut in time will shut.
A dire year will disappear. |

What word below best describes the tone of this poem? | |

| A. | melancholic | | B. | cynical | | C. | optimistic | | D. | powerful |
Write your response here:

| Everybody in the room was silent as my grandmother, walking unsteadily, brought my birthday cake from the darkened kitchen. The family members gathered in the cramped room began singing "Happy Birthday." They were interrupted by a thunderclap that was followed by a cold breeze that came in through the open window. The breeze blew out 3 of the 13 candles on the cake. As they started singing for the second time, I shivered and watched the distorted shadows cast on the walls by the flickering candles. | 25. | Which word best describes the mood of this story? | | |

| A. | sarcastic | | B. | reverent | | C. | gloomy | | D. | amused |
Write your response here:…...

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