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John Marcelia
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19 September 2010
The Right Decision? The sun shined down on a beautiful day as my friends and I sat at home staring blankly out the window. For two years now we went out on various adventures and created an exceptionally close friendship. Some may even have though we were brothers by the amount of time we spent together. Today, even with the cool crisp air outside and the wonderful chirping of birds, our gloomy attitudes kept us sitting on the couch. The day slowly dragged on, until finally Jake and Joe’s parents gave us the idea to go out on a bike ride to the Mercer Island Community Center. We lived in Bellevue and they went on this bike ride all the time. I was not as experienced with bike riding as they were and I knew my parents would come up with some lame excuse about the lurking dangers of evil trucks and predators on the I-90 Bridge. This left me with a challenging decision to either disobey my parents, or respect the rules of my family and say no to my friends. I could just imagine the wind blowing through my hair and the roaring of engines on the freeway. I would look back on this moment for all my life and regret it if I made the wrong choice. These thoughts swarm through my head and I froze not knowing what to think. Not going would make my friends think that I am a wimp, and they may laugh at me. They may decide that their other friends are more exciting than me and that they would rather hang out with them. Also, I could make the choice to just go on the ride and have a great time, but most likely pay the consequences of coming home to my angry and disappointed parents. My mind was split between the two options, and Jake and Joe’s constant bickering of questions and reasons just made matters worse. Their innocent voices made me think everything would turn out fine, and no problems could…...

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