Decision of Uncertainty Paper

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Decision of Uncertainty Paper

As a health care establishment, it is easy to become caught up in the day- to- day tasks at hand without addressing the needs or concerns of the patients. With the change in the economy and the reasons for the emergency room being utilized, it is important to take a moment to see how the flow of the delivery of services can be confined to smooth transitions. This paper will include appropriate probability concepts, rationale, statistical analysis, and a decision tailored to research studies specific to the thesis statement, question response types, and classification of our findings. Thesis Question
"Does the emergency room get utilized more by a particular race and is there a reason for this occurrence?"

Appropriate Probability Concepts and Your Application of Them to Find Resulting Data
To Limit the Uncertainty of this Decision

Probability theory is an important part of statistical theory that bridges descriptive and inferential statistics. It is the science of uncertainty, chance or likelihood (Cooper & Schindler, 2008). There are three kinds of probability; classical, empirical and subjective. In this instance, we will focus on a mixture of empirical probability which is based on past experiences and subjective probability which a probability is assigned to an event based upon whatever evidence is available. A closer look will be taken at the records of the patients treated by the emergency care team in the last six months along with tracking the cases seen in the emergency room over the next six months. At the conclusion of this study, it is our hope to have a better understanding in the growing trends and hope to be able to fairly prioritize emergency room treatment.


Rationale for the Chosen Concept

Identify Each Discrete Outcome from Your Statistical Analysis, Providing…...

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