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Dear Ms Corbett,
I note that your ethos says 'Granton pupils are encouraged to be thoughtful and responsible young people with high self-esteem and with the motivation, skills and knowledge to succeed in life.' I believe that I will be able to help these young people by being at the same level as them so that I can understand them and find ways of encouraging them to have high self–esteem and believe in themselves that they will succeed in education. I will be able to include this in any work that I undertake with the young pupils that attend your school, particularly as I have the ability to listen and empower people. Allowing young people to get their voices heard is a great tool in raising their confidence.
I believe that I have the ability to make changes in society by using personal experiences and my educational knowledge to relate to those who I work with. I am aware in order to have a successful career within the health & social care sector I need to build my skills within a professional setting and Granton is the right profession because of how diverse it is. This is vital within health and social care as there are people from different ethnic backgrounds and culture, therefore it is really important for me to always be in an environment where diversity is valued and promoted. Working with Granton will enable me to develop skills that will benefit me in my career, as well as passing my course. This experience will continue to make me more passionate in making a difference to young people’s lives which will be a positive action to help society.

Thank you for reading my email and I will really appreciate to hear from you as soon as possible.…...

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