Dealing with Defective Products

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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss my recommendations for internal actions and customer notification of defective products which are being sold to consumers. This paper will give insight into what I think is right, ethically, from a business stand point on how to deal with such issues.

I have been presented with the opportunity to inform my CEO and other executives of defected products being sold from our company to consumers. As history has repeated itself over and over again, injuries of any kind that are due to the fault of defected products from a company can lead to million dollar law suits, an affect on a business reputation, decline in customer satisfaction and ultimately putting the company out of business.

Presenting the issue at hand of defective products being sold, must come from a place of a persons own ethical values and beliefs. As a walking and talking human being employed by this company, I have morals and standards that I must follow internally and once I clock-out for the day. As a company and individually, we have a responsibility for the well-being of our consumers and ensuring that 100% satisfaction will be given. Today, with many media outlets and information being readily available for the general public, people are more prong to hold the company accountable for what products they sell which are defected. Social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook can allow citizens to freely post surveys and polls in regards to the company and it’s product based on the information that’s being released in the media. Online search engines also will provide any news in regards to the defected product and any better business bureau reports. As a company we must take a stand to let the public know that we are aware of the issue, state an apology and what steps will be made to correct that defect issues.

With defected products, it’s…...

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