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Database Initial Study 1. Analysis of the company situation 2. Define problems and constraints
Constraints * Each value in a column must not be null * Values in specified columns must be unique for each row in a table e.g. pens can be distinguished by their respective I.DS. * Primary Key- These are unique and are used to identify individual records e.g. patient_id will return records about a specific patient only. * Foreign Key – Values in specified columns must reference an existing record in another table (via its primary key) e.g. treatment_num from the table treatments can appear as a foreign key value in the pet treatment table

3. Define the system Objectives * Develop a system that cost effective * Understand the way the current system works, and enhance its future performance * Ensure the delivery of a high quality system * External entities must be able to comprehend and manoeuvre the system * Incorporate changes easily and quickly * Share data amongst users * Improve accuracy & consistency * Reduce data redundancy as much as possible * Provide data security from unauthorised access * To always ensure the validity of data

4. Define Scope & Boundaries
* The database should be able to generate reports * The database should be able to provide information on how a pet company conducts its day to day business processes * The database directly deals with staffing, pet owners, pets, and medication * The database will keep track of the financial transactions of the business * The database will keep track of all resources available in all branches of…...

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