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LVMH Group Phase 2
Aaron Ward-Quick
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UMUC Dec 7 2010

The retail environment is always a very volatile market and therefore is subject to the whims of the economy. The luxury retail market can be especially volatile because it usually depends on the spending of discretionary funds. The numerous companies which make up the LVMH, conglomerate are all luxury brands and all face this issue. Realizing this situation the LVMH, conglomerate has to plan to a degree to work around this issue and be successful. The success of any strategy in regards to business deals with the scanning of both internal and external environment to evaluate which factors most greatly affect the business. Companies should also examine their management styles from development to execution in order to develop proper planning strategy. As we know companies employ these strategies to gain advantages or protect their place in their specific market. LVMH is no different in this manor, as policy and actions show which goals they have and which strategies are to be put into place to implement them. We are going to examine some possible issues and strategies and the justification for those strategies in the near future for this company.
The LVMH Group is one of the dominant forces in the Luxury Brand industries. Considering where LVMH is in consideration to the other brands in the Luxury Market the only real issue for the company lays in their end goal. The end goal which can be seen by the vision statement is to become the largest and most successful luxury brand distributor. In my estimation this is too wide spread of a goal to really be completed. I think despite Arnault’s brilliance in some of his strategy’s as a manager this is weak long term goal. The size of the Group maybe another factor working against it as it’s hard to really get down to deal with the…...

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