Customer Service Representatives Who Listen Well Are Most Effective, Because Listening Helps Them Understand Customers and Consequently Better Serve Their Needs. in This Assignment, You Will Consider How Csrs Can Train

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My Cultural Profile
Theresa Richardson
Everest University

MY CULTURAL PROFILE My cultural profile is a typical American one. I am highly organized person and very loyal not only to the place where I work but also to the community I belong to. I believe that freedom is the birthright of every individual and hence there could no curbs on the freedom that I want to enjoy. I am very law abiding and understand the limitations imposed on me .I am very self-reliant and depend on myself for almost everything. I am also very achievement oriented in the sense that I do understand that in this very competitive world one had to be determined to perform well. My career goals are clearly etched out and I work towards that end in view. Coming from a very traditional the values of hard work and determination have been ingrained from a very young age. I manage my time very well and am very time conscious and believe in working efficiently. I am very friendly but formal with strangers .We still share high values of family so we are not bothered about transition. I am competitive when it comes to performance orientation and am quite generous when it comes to sharing knowledge and prosperity though I am very conservative about sharing personal experiences and success stories. I was raised by the truly African American culture which speaks of these eight criterions in great detail. Though our family values in this culture is very high we do not take this as an obstacle towards expansion of either our thoughts of work horizons. In fact this orthodoxy has helped us survive under very tough situations. We have stuck together in helping each other and sharing whatever we could in times of difficulty and economic downturn. Many of us were employed and with slow determination and support from others we are now honorably placed today.…...

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...What you do to create such an excellent customer service experience on each call? Each call must be handled differently. Listen to the customer’s needs, then proceed accordingly keeping in mind the customer needs my full attention in order to resolve the issue. I do not rush the calls, as each customer must be treated like it was my first call of the day. A friendly tone during the call sets the pace for the call to give the customer a “warm and comfortable” atmosphere. What’s your overall philosophy of customer service? Customer Service is providing a courteous, responsive, quality service to customers by fostering a respectful, positive, and welcoming environment for all. Enhance the customer experience with great service and conduct yourself professionally as we provide the first impression of the company. How do you make it all work so well…….so consistently? Caring about the customer and seeking to give each customer my full attentive service. Each customer is entitled to efficient service from a knowledgeable, motivated, and well trained representative. I use the resources at hand and ask questions during team meetings and coaching sessions for future call resolution. I am obligated to serve each customer the best way possible by listening and responding to their suggestions and concerns. Make the customer feel like they are #1. How do you overcome the most difficult/challenging aspect of your job? Challenges in customer service......

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...1. What are some services attitudes and practices that promote the sincere desire to pay attention to what customer say? In my opinion, I think that practice being an active listener would promote the desire to pay attention to what customer are saying. By practicing active listening skills a consumer would sense that the CSR cares for their business as well as gain knowledge about the service situation. Ways to improve your active listening skills are be ready to listen, take notes, show you are listening, ask question and restate the customer’s problem in your own words. An individual should always be ready to listen physically and mentally; body language and facial expression play a big part in my opinion. Learn how to block out any distraction they may side track you from what you are being told. Be ready to take note; carry around a little notebook and pen. During the conversation write down the key points or whatever you believe will help you come up with a solution. Let the speaker know that you are taking note so they can speak clearly and slowly enough so that you understand. Show the speaker you are listening to them using body language (but nodding your head etc.) or keeping eye contact the whole time. You can even ask question to determine what the cause of the problem was. Even if you have to ask a lot of question the speaker will know you are putting forth your best effort to understand what is being said. After you hear the speaker out recite their......

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...Communication Skills Customer service representatives who listen well are most effective, because listening helps them understand customers and consequently better serve their needs. In this assignment, you will consider how CSRs can train themselves to become better listeners. This is a seminar on how to improve one’s listening skills; it is very important part of being a Customer Service Representative (CSR) that your listening skills be top notch. It is important to learn that there are three valuable skills of effective listening: 1) Tune in ~ This is considered the first step in effective listening. To be a good listener one must be a successful listener. Being a successful listener is being physically and mentally willing to listen to your customer. This is giving he/she your undivided attention and aligning your body so that you are looking the customer straight in the eye. Another important point of turning in is turning off the outside distractions, focusing all your attention on the individual at hand. Not thinking about where you are going after work, not planning your response before you listen to the whole story from the customer(s) or passing a verdict/judgment on others before their story is heard. Demonstrate you are listening ~ The second step in this process is showing the customer you are concerned with their problem. Don’t just listen, but reassure the customer that you are concerned with their problem and only them at this......

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...This page is left intentionally blank Contents: 1. Understand the service culture in a facilities management context. A/C: 1.1 – 1.2 2. Understand how to deliver a customer focused service A/C: 2.1 – 2.2 3. Understand how to identify various customers, assess their requirements and satisfaction levels. A/C: 3.1 – 3.2 – 3.3 – 3.4 4. Understand how to develop and manage service level agreements. A/C: 4.1 – 4.2 – 4.3 5. Understand the importance of customer relationship management. A/C: 5.2 – 5.3 – 5.4 A/C1.1 Our aim is to provide our clients with optimum, wholesome and well-integrated solutions to suit their requirements. In keeping with this principle, we go beyond by providing certain value-additions to our customers such as: transparency, cost-efficiency, a sense of belonging and many more which go a long way in assuring our customers’ needs. By building a solid structure that will meet our customer requirements, perceptions, and expectations to commitment to the concept of our customer-defined quality. It is critical for us to let our customers know that we are their partners in trying to......

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...Kimberly Denton June 10, 2015 Customer Relations and Servicing Training plan of customer-focused listening workshop for CSRs  Active attending is the procedure in which absorbed care is salaried to the correspondent. For example, when melody is in the contextual while you are responsibility errands or other errands, you are attractive in inert attending. When you consume headphones happening and are live air guitar or then fully betrothed in the melodic event, you are betrothed in active attending. Effective client relations need active attending at all eras. Customer facility representatives who attend well are greatest effective, since listening assistances them comprehend clienteles and so better help their wants. In this task, you will reflect how CSRs container train themselves to develop better listeners. Real interpersonal message is at the emotion of client service and relatives. You might be acquainted with language with client service legislatures on the phone, or maybe in being. Likely, the achievement of the resolve trusted on the agent's ability to express effectively once supplying facility. An information warehouse delivers a shared location for altogether crucial commercial information, irrespective of the information’s source. The information warehouse supplies information around sales, client favorites, and consequently on. By examining this info, a company container develop an outline, or facility substructure, to make choices about signing, quality......

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