Custody of Minor Children After Divorce in the State of Vermont

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Custody of Minor Children after Divorce in the State of Vermont

Conflict may seem never ending when two people decide they can no longer live together and want to separate. Children can often be the last ones thought about when a couple is going through a divorce, however, they play a key role in the issues surrounding the divorce and what will happen to them as part of this procedure. The court is ultimately responsible for making sure the children’s best interest is reflected when deciding what happens to them after a divorce. Parents play a key role in this decision making, though if conflict between the parents causes them to fight and not be able to come to an affable arrangement, then the courts must decide for them. This paper explains what the court expects from parents, surrounding divorce and custody issues, how they can best resolve those conflicts, and why it is best to solve those issues in the interest of the children.

Keywords: Custody, physical custody, legal custody, temporary custody, joint custody, alternative dispute resolution, child custody mediation, collaborative law, parenting plan, child support, child custody evaluation, visitation, parental rights and responsibilities, temporary order, final order.
Custody of Minor Children after Divorce in the State of Vermont When parents decide they no longer want to live together, they separate and if married, usually divorce. There can be many reasons for this, however, they all stem from some sort of conflict between the two parents. When separating with children, there are laws parents face when dealing with issues such as where the children will live. Parents must go to court and file paperwork even if they have not decided to divorce. When tensions already run high between parents because of the separation, it can be difficult to agree on such matters where children are…...

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