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Current Market Situation of Herbal Tea in China

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Current Market Situation of Herbal Tea in China New product help to reduces internal heat (燥熱). For example, one product mention it use the nature herbals and lemon to solve this health problem. This product holds many events to promote their product in Southern China and Shanghai. Also, there are more and more herbal tea brand had been established in the market. SWOT Analysis

Firstly, for the strengths, in the market of herbal tea, JDB has always been the market leader and its market share reached a high percentage of over 70%, its can be explained by the high recognition of the red can from the public good reputation of the quality and taste. Also, JDB gain a well brand image after success of PR campaign in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and contribution for earthquake. Moreover, it is the world Heritage Convention Organic Recipe of Herbal Teas. Lastly, they had did well brand building after they had changed the name to JDB, because of 99% of people in China had heard about JDB and about 70% of people in Chins had brand recognition about JDB. Secondly, for the weakness, it is lack of promotion of standing out the differences between JDB itself and the competitors also JDB do not have their unique benefit. Therefore, with a premium price, it cannot provide a strong reason that why the consumer need to choose JDB. On the other hand, it has a narrow range of products which are JDB herbal tea and Kunlun Mountains water. Thirdly, for the opportunities, there are increasing demands in health food from the public in convenient way. These demands are due to the busy lifestyle of the citizens from work and entertainment and hence relief in Internal heat. The message of drinks with benefits in preventing internal heat is easier to be captured by the public out of Guangzhou that internal heat is a well-known symptoms in Chinese culture.

Lastly, for the…...

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