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Crisis Paper

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Patient Background
Sammy is 27 year old, female patient who came into the hospital for opiates withdrawal/dependence. Sammy is white American and has been baptized but doesn’t attend to church regularly. She is admitted to the hospital for a detox for opiate dependence. Patient states that she currently uses “two bundles of heroin per day through shooting up for the past month. I also shoot up $20 of cocaine for the past month and I smoke marijuana once per week for the last three years”. Sammy has started using three years ago. Sammy also smokes tobacco about one pack per day for about ten years.
Three years ago, Sammy got in a serious car accident that hospitalized her. The medical complications that followed up with the car accident is diagnosed with having reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the lower limbs and had a spinal cord stimulator implanted. The first surgery was faulty because the implanted battery wasn’t working. During the second surgery, the wiring of the batteries was wrong and the stimulator was stimulating the wrong leg. Sammy went back the third time and finally, the stimulator was working where it is suppose to be. Although the stimulator was working and suppose to help sooth the pain, Sammy still could not bear the pain. Due to the reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the lower limbs after the car accident, Sammy stated that she could not stand for long periods of times and she cannot lift more than twenty to thirty pounds. This left Sammy to lose her job and left her claiming government disability. The disability that Sammy claimed was only partial. Her lawyer told her to lie to the judge during her court session to gain full disability, but Sammy didn’t feel right lying to the judge. The decision came down to if she would be able to find a job with her disability. The judge named one job that she…...

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