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Compare and contrast essay 2nd draft.
The two short stories "The Masque of the Red Death" by Edgar Allen Poe and
"The Summer People" by Shirley Jackson are two beautifully written stories that are very different.Although these stories are very different , both Poe and Jackson use numerous literary elements such as foreshadowing , mood , and suspense to drive their story further into an unsuspected ending and further draw in the audience.
Each of these two stories use suspense to cause curiosity as if they want to urge us to further read their stories.In the summer people , after trying to get some kerosene once the Allisons decide to stay past Labor Day ,the kerosene man denies them by stating "Never after Labor Day. "Leaving the reader wondering what happens when someone stays after Labor Day . More suspense appears when Mrs.Allison attempts to call someone on the telephone , but the phone doesn't work , and previous to that , the kerosene man would not give the Allisons Kerosene. All this begins happening once they decide to stay after Labor Day .
Poe and Jackson use foreshadowing to give us a vague idea as to what is going to happen next, but they do not give enough information to be sure . In "The Masque of the Red Death" , Poe uses foreshadowing as he describes the mysterious figure at Prospero's party when he mentions that the mysterious figure is wearing "The habiliments of the grave". Habiliments of the grave hint at death, which is what follows the plague that everyone is trying to hide from, the red death.
Mood is an excellent literary element, and both Poe and Jackson show mastery of it as they use it to set the tone of their short stories. Jackson sets an eerie mood to her story as the townspeople stop helping the Allisons once they decide to stay past Labor Day . The mood is amplified…...

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