Creating a Personal Selling Philosophy

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Creating a Personal Selling Philosophy

At some point, every transaction will require some elements of sales. More specifically, every business offers either a service or is selling a product. A career in sales can personally and financially prove to be rewarding and beneficial. In order to be a successful salesperson, one should develop a personal selling philosophy. Personal selling can be referred to as one of the major promotional methods used in business either by the people employed, by the total expenditures, or by the expenses as a percentage of sales. This paper will discuss developing a personal selling philosophy, selling factors style in a global environment, and examining a fit assessment.

Creating a Personal Selling Philosophy
Personal selling is the interactive process whereby a buyer and a seller negotiate an exchange process. It is usually, though not necessarily, carried out in a fact-to-face encounter between the parties [ (Blythe, 2009) ]. Personal selling is tailored specifically to respond to the customers’ needs and resolve their problem. Salespeople are encouraged to develop a personal selling philosophy based on the three prescriptions: adopt the marketing concepts, value personal selling and assume the role of a problem solver or partner. Sales trainers and writers have emphasized the problem-solving aspects of selling for many years now: the most successful presentations are those in which the customer does most of the talking (Blythe, 2009). Often times, customers will tell the salesperson exactly how to sell them the product (provided they are allowed to talk), problem-solving is at the core of the activity rather than one-way communication via the salesperson.
Personal Selling Models and Methods
There are several different approaches in personal selling which include but are not limited to value creation…...

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