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Wanda Kay Medical Services
The purpose of Wanda Kay Medical Services is to aid you to save money, decrease denials and rush repayments. We have the knowledge, excellence and amenity you will see major increases in your lowest mark, causing an economically improved and patient-oriented practice. Wanda Kay Medical Services provides your practice with all the tools needed for full service billing. Wanda Kay’s billing office is located in New Bern, NC. My team is highly trained fulltime medical billers and supports, with billing experience of more than five years. What makes Wanda Kay Medical Services stand out of line related to other billing service providers is our talent to become a leeway of your practice and we perceive ourselves as the department of billing.
Wanda Kay Medical Services provides institutional billing which deals with hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other institutions for outpatient and inpatient services including the use of equipment and supplies, laboratory services, radiology services, and other charges. We also have professional billing which is for work performed by physicians, suppliers and other non-institutional providers for both outpatient and inpatient services. The values of Wanda Kay is that it permits you to focus on patient care, quicker medical billing repayment, stable cash flow, faster follow-up on problem claims and quality support. WKMS offers the upkeep needed to function an effective practice. Our company stay updated on every shifting expertise on the medical billing claims process. Remaining present on guidelines and how they disturb the practice is our first priority, allowing for proper claims submission and stable money.
Wanda Kay Medical Services are professionals who are certified and trained in medical billing. We are dedicated to directing our business practices with honesty, discipline, creativity and…...

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