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Task 2 unit 10 –
Go on moodle.

D- justify responses. Talk about wy would respond rtat way, ( disclosure, you feel like u have enough distant between them right exactly down as the child told you, write down wy you are doing it word for word, wy would u write it down after they say sometign straigt away so then u don’t forget anything.
If u aint followed the procedures in court te whole case could fall down as it could be miss leading.
It could be where u think or suspect they are being mistreated

Wat are the legal obligations - passing info on, making sure relevant agency are informed in what happened and in education if ur working that’s how far it needs to go you don’t need to dig deeper just pass it on , you wont ask question also be aware of tyour role

What are te moral obligations to the child and their families – morally support them maje them feel u got someone to confide in,

Wat could if you don’t follow procedures – case thrown out of court -

Make sure u comfort them morally when justifying responses. If we don’t reassure they may not want to open up be more reluctant to talk

How an fostering, rspite care , berevemnet councilling right about wat it does how it helps support both the person and the family

Part 1

I am going to explain the factors that may lead to suspicion of child maltreatment or abuse, as well as explaining what the appropriate responses is when child maltreatment and abuse is suspected. I will explain the strategies in which can be used to support children and families in situations where abuse is suspected or happened.

Child maltreatment is the way a person acts towards a child, it’s the bnehaviour they present, the behaviour of maltreatment is something that happens outside the norms of conduct and makes substantial risk of causing physical or emotional harm. There is four main types of…...

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