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Continuum of Care Health care services in the U.S. include all services from prenatal care to Palliative care up to the last days of life (Barton, 2010). The way most Americans receive their initial health care is from their General Practice physician for some symptom that needs professional care. Depending on how severe the symptom, or symptoms, turn out to be, either a prescription is given to patient, blood work or X rays done, or admittance to an inpatient hospital. Heath care delivery varies, depending on you geographical region, race/ethnicity and SES (Shi, L. & Singh, D., 2012).
In some rural areas, there is usually one hospital with a small inpatient unit, one source of ambulatory care, and all services are offered under one roof: inpatient, outpatient, nursing home (Wakefield & Linden, 2013). With 40 physicians, and more than 425 employees, Grinnell is one of the top rural medical centers in the greater Poweshiek County area of Iowa. Also on staff is a resident physician staff of 40 or more practitioners that provide services usually only offered in major healthcare centers (About Us, 2009).
Black Americans fall behind with their health due to mainly their SES, regardless of the “progress” that was made in the last decades. This race usually reports their health as fair or poor. Next is the is the Hispanic race, who may run into issues of accessing health care in America, due to immigration issues that my disqualify them from Medicaid (Barton, 2010).

SES: The Uninsured This group of individuals tend to be poor, not as educated, and working for small companies. Although they may belong to a class of lower income, they Medicaid due to the insurance’s qualifications. Not being insured means poorer health than the general population that does possess insurance. Also, because this group does not…...

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