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Version 2 second quiz 1- Much learning takes effort and time, but some learning is so casual as to be unintentional. This type of learning is referred to as ________ learning.
A. stage one
B. subliminal
C. incidental
D. evoked
2- ________ was first demonstrated by experiments performed on dogs by Ivan Pavlov, a Russian physiologist doing research on digestion in animals.
A. Instrumental conditioning
B. Classical conditioning
C. Rejection conditioning
D. Extinction conditioning
3- Stimulus generalization refers to ________.
A. the tendency for stimuli to be similar in nature
B. the fact that most conditioned stimuli are similar to unconditioned stimuli
C. the tendency of stimuli similar to a conditioned stimulus (CS) to evoke similar, conditioned responses
D. the tendency for extinction to occur when an unconditioned stimulus does not follow a stimulus similar to a conditioned stimulus
4- A customer who learns that two products are different even though the packages of both products look similar has learned ________.
A. masked branding
B. brand equity
C. stimulus generalization
D. stimulus discrimination
5- If a woman gets compliments after wearing Obsession perfume, she is more likely to keep buying the product and wearing it. What type of instrumental conditioning has occurred in the situation?
A. neutral reinforcement
B. positive reinforcement
C. negative reinforcement
D. symbolic reinforcement
6- In instrumental conditioning, what is the distinction between negative reinforcement and punishment?
A. There is no difference. They are two words for the same thing.
B. Negative reinforcement can occur when a stimulus is positive, and punishment occurs when a stimulus is painful.
C. Negative reinforcement occurs when a negative outcome is avoided, while punishment is a negative outcome…...

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Consumer Behavior, warranty 2. Examples of product or service that is highly-segmented 3. The most important P for a service provider is “people” because the employees are the one who represent the company and if they do not sell a good image to the customers. Customers may have bad impressions on the company no matter how big it is. 4. 3 ways that company can establish and maintain customers’ trust are: giving customers’ satisfaction; offer service recovery and customers’ value in which companies should charge customers at reasonable price for a service or product. 5. 3 ways in which internet has changed the world are: help to customers to find more information about products or services; convenient in which customers can orders the products online without having to travel to the stores. Moreover it also helps the companies to customize their products and sell at a reasonable price. Chapter 2 6. Focus group is an example of qualitative research because focus group gives the marketers more about the customers’ thoughts, perceptions and ideas about a product. An example of focus group would be “OMO’ in which targets housewives, the marketers can invite the housewives to the focus groups in which they can talk about how they do laundry and which brand they use and why. 7. Example of rank-order style research question is: a. Please rank the following banking method by placing ‘1” for the method that you prefer the most, ‘2’ next to your......

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