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Explain significant connections across texts, using supporting evidence.
Rhiannon Suckling
Achievement Standard 90852
Explain significant connections across texts, using supporting evidence.
Rhiannon Suckling

The search for a person’s own personal identity is an important stage that people go through in their lives. Every human being in the world would go through the stage of searching, then finding their identity at some point in their lives. But this search is often affected by stereotyping because it can affect people’s view of themselves and also their view of other people around them. Because of this writers feel that they need to convey the importance of finding one’s own identity then taking the time to learn and respect other people’s identity. Then also how dangerous it can be if we let stereotyping cloud our judgements on ourselves and those around us. Some example of texts where writers that explore this theme are, the poem “Bred in South Auckland” by Glen Colquhoun, the poem “Search for my Tongue” by Sujata Bhatt, the short story ‘’On the Sidewalk Bleeding” by Evan Hunter and the short story “After you my Dear Alphonse” by Shirley Jackson.
These four texts can be separated into two groups. The first group is the way that stereotyping can affect people’s view on their own search for identity in both positive and negative ways. This would be the poems, “Bred in South Auckland “and “Search for my Tongue”. The Second group is the way that stereotyping can affect people’s view on others identity which would be the short stories, “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” and “After you my Dear Alphonse”.
The idea of stereotyping affecting the search for identity in ourselves is seen in the poem “Bred in South Auckland”. This is an open and proud poem about a young man who lives in South Auckland and is a mixture of the…...

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