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Each and every day in America and all across the world many people face the reality of ailing health disparities that many times prove their selves to be terminal. Many of these terminal illnesses and ailment stem from people who have lived through significant amounts of health trauma but were never recognized or checked out by a licensed physician. High School football players are very young and prove to usually be very healthy at the time of their participation. In high school football many boys are relinquished to hold back from there competitive drive. They many times strive as hard as they can for as long as they can unfortunately not knowing the costs that their dedicated could possibly have on their lives.

The definition of a concussion is “a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Effects are usually temporary, but can include problems, with headache, concentration memory, judgment, balance and coordination and are also called “shell shock” symtoms.” Many young men that are participating in the sport of football are unknowingly putting themselves at risk for major issues concerning their health. Concern for young football players is rapidly growing according to newfound evidence that these young men are suffering from these injuries without anyone knowing it.

Some of these head injuries are very serious and more importantly they often go without notice or diagnosis. Also many times people tend to think that it is the big hits that many times

cause the concussion, however it can also be from the number of times that one is hit. Many times others that are hit are overlooked because they do not “look dazed, or who later look dazed, or who can’t keep their balance, or who suffer from slurred speech and vision.” High school football players have an average of about 150 impacts with their head every week that they are in…...

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...Concussions in Football Paul Kowalczyk Lakeside High School 5th Period In this paper I am going to be talking about concussions in Football. I wanted to research this topic because I did not know how easy it is to get a concussion in sports. I also chose this topic because it can relate to the news today. The National Football League has just recently passed a rule that fines any player that tackles another player and creates head-to-head contact. I really wanted to know more about this new rule, and how this is going to affect the game. A concussion is a mild brain injury that happens when the brain quickly moves back and forth in the skull. Concussions are a short loss of normal brain function that is usually caused by sports injuries or by a blow to the head. American Football is one of the easiest ways to receive a concussion. Even though the players wear helmets they can still get a concussion. Researchers have found that out of 17,549 college football players, 888 players have received concussions and out of those 888 players 131 received another concussion that same season. Researchers at Virginia Tech, using sensors attached to the helmet of a college player, recorded more than 3,300 hits to the head during 10 games and 35 practice sessions in 2003 (Kuwana, 2004). They found that players receive an average of 50 hits to the head every game, and with an average force of 40......

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...Dr. Robert Graham and Melanie Stout of TMJ4 news, I observed and analyzed concussions amongst American football. In the past, head injuries amongst football have been known to be looked over and not taken serious. Based on what I’ve found, players who did not tend to their injuries suffered serious health issues later on in their careers. Cases about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, dementia and etc. amongst former players are a lot more common. Tragic reports about former players committing suicide, as well as incidents amongst the youth. Dangers of Football Football is arguably the most dangerous contact sport in America. Head injuries and concussions have always been a part of the game. The number of tragic cases and the lifetime effects that experts are beginning to witness on the older players, make experts question the health of the youth’s future in the sport. People do not take sports related head injuries as seriously as they should. Many NFL players who did not tend to their head injuries like they should’ve were known to have had C.T.E. (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). Many cases and reports about head injuries go to show why athletes, parents, doctors and even coaches should start taking head injuries more seriously. When we think of a concussion in football, we instantly think about a hard head clashing tackle, or a blindside hit on the quarterback, not knowing that a concussion can occur from something as little as a player getting tripped up and......

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...Concussion or brain concussion is an injury to the brain caused by a blow to the head or violent jarring or shaking. It is a form of head trauma that often involves loss of consciousness, which maybe momentary or may last for several hours. Brain concussion is a common injury that may sometimes have serious consequences. (Izenberg 232) Consciousness is the awareness of the self an ones surroundings. This awareness depends on a combination of sensations, memories, and experiences. Common symptoms immediately following a concussion include confusion, memory loss, dizziness, blurred vision, and vomiting. Paralysis and shock are also possible. The longer the period of unconsciousness, the more serious and dangers symptoms tend to be. (Harris 100) If the impact affects the consciousness center I the brain stem, then the person with concussion loses consciousness. This may happen if a boxer knockout punch makes the other boxers head accelerate sharply, or if someone’s head decelerates suddenly, as when it strikes the ground during a fall. (Izenberg 233) Like my topic sports are the most common causes of concussions and sports with the most physical contact. Like football, boxing, and hockey, are the most to produce head injuries that involve concussions. Concussions may also happen during falls in basketball, soccer, and baseball, or while riding motorcycles or bicycles. (Izenberg 233) Well I have also seen it with horses it happened to my cousin. One day we......

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...A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head or body, a fall, or another injury that jars or shakes the brain inside the skull. There are three different types of concussions. Type one and type two concussions are when the victim is having transient confusion, no loss of consciousness, and duration of mental status abnormalities. The only difference between type one and type two is that type one last for fifth teen minutes or more and type two is less than fifth teen minutes. Type three concussions is when you lose consciousness for a few brief seconds. These types of injury occur in sports mainly in football and hockey. When you have a concussion you will have to go through some test, most people call it mental therapy. I discovered the true meaning of a concussion plenty of times. One happens in a varsity high school game against Westlake in October of the year 2009. It was an onside kick to retrieve the ball so my team had a chance to kick a field goal to at least force overtime. One of my teammates was running full speed and did a helmet to helmet collision with our opponent. After the play he was passed out on the field for thirty seconds and he also forget what happen the whole fourth quarter. It was a scary site to see someone so vulnerable after a concussion. He eventually made a speedy recovery within a week and we bought a dna helmet that have fluff pads to reduce concussions. The next concussion I witness was at a NFL game.......

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