Competitiveness in Jamaica

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...FDI Assignment As a group of American investors, we’re introducing the idea of bringing solar energy to the island of Jamaica. Our initial objective is to provide an efficient yet safe means of energy to the Caribbean island. The efforts towards introducing solar energy to the population of Jamaica will provide many of its underprivileged citizens with an efficient and reliable means of energy for their everyday lives. Our business, Global Energy Investment, is based in Miami, Florida and has been around for the past 15 years, participating in business initiatives such as exporting venture capital as well as trade and export. We looked for opportunities where we can be an asset to nations in hopes of not only improving the lives of their citizens, but also introducing and expanding our ideas to new heights. Thus aforementioned reasons, by entering the island of Jamaica with our new business venture, we are encouraged by its government to bring our product to its citizens. By entering into a partnership with the island of Jamaica; being represented as the host country, we will agree to export finished solar equipment from Mexico due to the benefits awarded to NAFTA members. Jamaica will later import the ready goods into Jamaica and create assembly factories where the products can be assembled by local citizens within the confinements of those factories. By establishing assembly factories, they are creating jobs for the citizens where they can have an income available to......

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