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Communication has many different definitions and many different theories. Griffin, Ledbetter, & Sparks (2015) note, “Communication is the relational process of creating and interpreting messages that elicit a response.” (p. 6). Everything that a person says to another individual is then interpreted, and then the other person responds based of how they understood what was said. There are several theories on interpersonal communication. According to Griffin Ledbetter, & Sparks (2015) a theory is, “A set of systematic, informed hunches about the way things work.” (p. 4). A theory has several hunches, not just a single one, that will attempt to offer an explanation. There are five theories that are crucial to interpersonal communication, and the understanding of why humans communicate like they do.
The first theory that is important to understanding interpersonal communication is the symbolic interactionism theory. Griffin, Ledbetter, & Sparks (2015) state that, “symbolic interactionism isn’t just talk. The term refers to the language and gestures a person uses in anticipation of the way others will respond.” (p. 54). Symbolic interactionism has three principles that the theory centers around. These three things are meaning, language, and thinking. According to Griffin, Ledbetter, & Sparks (2015), “Blumer started with the premise that humans act toward people or things on the basis of the meanings they assign to those people or things.” (p. 55).
According to this theory, individuals understand their world based on what they have heard, seen, and been told. This is based off of conversations they’ve experience, and the socialization they’ve had. So, someone from a different culture, city, or background will understand…...

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