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P1 – Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context.
What is communication?
Communication is simply passing a message from one person to another. It is a 2 way process and there is a way it is done; sender, message, the method of which it is sent, receiver, understanding and feedback.
* One to one communication has to be a relaxed type of communication. When you first start talking to someone you need to make them feel welcomed in speaking to you, this is the best way before you begin to give information to the other person.
* Group communication works the same way as one to one but it has different principles. Everyone has there own group of friends and they all have different ways of speaking to each other in other ways people wouldn’t understand. Informal is something you would most probably use with your family and friends. Communication between collegues is something that all professional business's uses for example; hospital or doctors. When they are speaking to each other about a certain thing in their job then most people wouldn’t know what they are saying as they have their own terminology. Also, it shows respect to other people. When in a health and social care setting if respect isn't given from each colleague then that could impact on the care given to the residents by staff. All colleagues in the health and social care sector must have trust in each other to build a good environment for all the residents they are looking after this will also make the residents have trust in all there staff who is looking after them. Also, confidentiality is very important because a colleague may say something that is private to them to you and you must keep it to yourself as this may cause friction between staff and residents. All care homes and children care homes work with…...

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