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Communicating and Collaborating with Different Personalities and Learning Styles
• Look for stimulating environments to work in. They prefer a learning team willing to express liveliness and fun. These will keep the adventurer’s mind sharp.
• The more active the adventurer is while learning the better. Movement and hands on will keep this personality involved. The pace should be fast.
• Do not be afraid to be experimental or even spontaneous. The adventurer thrives in these learning situations. If the subject matter is of special interest to this type, expect the product to be particularly remarkable.
• Well defined order and structure is the environment that best suits the organizer’s study environment. Libraries, tutor bars and home alone are ideal places for quiet and constructed learning.
• Clearly outlining what the assignment is will help the organizer be prepared to move immediately forward without confusion. If they know exactly what is required of them, they will promptly start the task.
• Communicate using precise wording. This type of personality prefers short, clear dialogues when learning. Do not muddle the conversation with rambling and digressing.
• A person with this trait gravitates toward others. Be willing to work as a study group to receive the most input from a giver.
• The giver appreciates sincerity. Express this characteristic and the giver will be receptive to the group and communicate openly.
• An excellent communication tool for working with a giver is to let them fill a teaching position within the group. This type of behavior that will help and better others is what drives them.
• Communicate with images, photographs, drawings and color as much as possible.
• Keep in mind that reading is not a preferred learning or communication method. Presenting time-consuming…...

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