Command and Control for Public Services

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Command And Control In Public Services

Command and control is used within all public services in order to carry out tasks/operations in an effective, efficient and proper manner. Without command and control, the public services would not function properly and the employees within those public services would not be able to carry out their roles and responsibilities properly. It is important that all public services employees are over trained in their job just in case they need to work in a situation on their own without anyone else telling them what to do. For example, if a member of the ambulance service is by himself/herself and comes across an individual who has been run over, they must know exactly what to do and how to cope alone, and this is an example of why it is important for the public services to be over trained in their job.

Every public service carry out different roles and responsibilities and it is through command and control that the individual is able to carry out their daily tasks in an effective and efficient way. Command and control ensures that the individual knows EXACTLY what their job entails and it ensures that the individual is fully trained and over trained in the job they specify in.

Command and control in the Army is highly important for military exercises such as drill practise/competitions. The individual in charge of the military exercise e.g. Sergeant Major, must have good command and control over the soldiers in order for the soldiers to carry out precision in their drill movements and in order for the timings of the moves to be exact. Also, by having command and control in the Army, soldiers will be disciplined and fully prepared when they come across emergency and dangerous situations e.g. in Iraq or Afghanistan. By standing for no nonsense and being able to correct the soldiers mistakes at an early stage, command and…...

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