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Appendix A

Final Project Overview and Timeline

Final Project Overview

The final project is comprehensive, designed to apply all you have learned in this course. This assignment provides an opportunity to exercise academic writing skills as you create an expository essay, using the steps in the writing process—planning, drafting, developing, revising, editing, and proofreading. For this essay, choose one of the following topics:

• Healthful eating • Oil and gas prices • Education • Media in the courtroom • Cosmetic surgery • Tattoos or body piercing • Language in the United States • A topic of your choice, approved by your instructor

Final Project Timeline

You should budget your time wisely and work on your project throughout the course. As outlined below, some CheckPoints and assignments in the course are designed to assist you in creating your final project. If you complete your course activities and use the feedback provided by the instructor, you will be on the right track to successfully complete your project.

□ Suggested in Week One: Read the Final Project Overview and Timeline in Appendix A.

□ Suggested in Week One: Read Characteristics of Expository Essays on the student Web site.

□ Due in Week One: Expository Essay Topic CheckPoint

□ Due in Week Three: Evaluating Sources CheckPoint

□ Due in Week Four: Brainstorming CheckPoint

□ Due in Week Four: Documenting Sources Assignment

□ Due in Week Five: Thesis Statement CheckPoint

□ Due in Week Six: Topic Outline and Working References List CheckPoint

□ Suggested in Week Six: Review the Week Six exercise. Apply appropriate style guidelines to in-text citations in your expository essay.

□ Due in Week Six: Body Paragraphs Assignment

• The first draft of your paper must be complete enough (at…...

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