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Castle Family Restaurant Business Assessment
Nathan Przybyl-Gallagher
DeVry University
As most of us know, being any type of manager no matter what is being managed is a lot of work and takes a big role, even more being an HR manager. The HR manager Jay Morgan, wants to reduce or just minimize some of his HR tasks issues that are not the easiest to solve overnight because there’s so many things that Jay has to think about not only for himself, but for the family restaurant and the employees he has working there full time and part time. Being the HR consultant of this project, he has chosen me to come up with a proposal to make things run a little smoother and less expensive of course. The name of the business I will help assist with is called Castles Family Restaurant in which is a restaurant made up of 8 locations with approximately 300-340 part-time employees and only 40% are full-time employees. This isn’t a small type of business we are working with. There are so many guidelines, rules and restrictions in managing any type of Food Chain Company. There are so many things to think about as a HR manager of a restaurant. Not just the restaurant itself but the environment, industry, and the work of the employees. There is definitely more important decisions to be made, pressure, and work and responsibility. Being a HR manager, there is a considerable amount of planning that goes into all the business travel. Even though, the high costs of the gas prices and travel expenses in general are out of Jay Morgan’s hands, there are ways he can either minimize the travel expense or simply eliminate the traveling all together and just do the work that he has to do at the eight locations and do it behind his desk, in which he most prefer. There were a lot of issues that were going on with the restaurant and his tasks of being the HR manager. As the HR…...

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