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Club IT, Part One

Club IT is a downtown music venue managed and owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. They both graduated with degrees in Business Administration in 2005, and decided to follow their dream to open a nightclub. During college, they supported themselves by working as musicians, Lisa playing jazz violin and Ruben on drums. They learned quite a bit about nightclub operations from experience, in addition to business principles learned from their studies.
Lisa and Ruben have just completed extensive remodeling of the interior of Club IT and are pleased with the results. Its high ceilings and high energy lighting creates an ambience of fun and energy. For music, they hire live bands on Fridays and Saturdays, then have a live DJ Tuesdays through Thursdays. They are closed on Sundays. The DJ uses MP3 playlists to play hip-hop, techno, electronic, and some Top 40s.
Lisa and Ruben run the office and maintain all financial and business-related records. They realize that while the resources they spent on remodeling are paying off, their information management is lagging behind. Their next project is a full analysis of their information needs; to start it off, they have hired you as an intern.
To prepare for your first day of work, you and a few friends decide to spend a Friday evening at Club IT. Your visit is enjoyable—you have made some friends, learned several new dance steps, and rocked with the great band. Although, when reporting to work on Monday afternoon, you wonder how much information technology a nightclub may possibly need, and if there will be enough information and technology analysis opportunities to justify your internship at Club IT.
Sitting in the empty club a few hours before opening, you have your initial meeting with Ruben and Lisa. They provide background on the club and an overview of their need to…...

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...Club IT es un club nocturno que recientemente abrió sus puertas en el centro de la ciudad. Los propietarios del club nocturno Ruben Keys y Lisa Tejada tienen títulos de Administración de Empresas. Con el aprendizaje, la educación y la experiencia que obtuvieron como músicos en la universidad decidieron implantar un programa para mantener las finanzas y todo lo relacionado al negocio. Reciente remodelaron el interior lo cual satisface plenamente los propietarios. Como una discoteca de moda competitiva, es esencial para el Club de IT, obtener y controlar el título de concesión que gana las discotecas de esta zona. Con la información obtenida por Lisa y Rubén, junto con los datos recogidos, se pueden lograr muchas oportunidades para el Club IT. Un extenso análisis de los competidores en el área, y de las características existentes del Club, pueden lograr la transformación de un departamento de IT de última moda. Analizar las necesidades del Club haciendo una recolección de datos importantes, para poder aplicar un plan estratégico que cumpla con la de toma de decisiones, que sea rentable y viable para el Club de IT. Como responsable de la implantación luego de analizar cuidadosamente la información obtenida de Rubén y Lisa se entiende que Club IT pudiera ser una de las mejores discotecas de la ciudad ya que cuenta con talentos excepcionales, es un lugar del centro que cuenta música nueva y esta ampliamente remodelada con un ambiente divertido y lleno de energía. En la...

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...Club IT, Part 3 XBIS/219 April 29, 2012 Joy Fluker Club IT, Part 3 Every business minded person aims towards owning a business while targeting certain type of people if not all kinds of people with the aim to satisfy their clients and at the same time maximize profit. As an entrepreneur, one gets to enjoy certain benefits of particularly choosing the people one works with (Dahl, 2011). Club IT is a downtown music joint that is managed by two Business Administration graduates Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. This kind of business has always been their dream as they both have extensive knowledge on how to run a nightclub, as a result of their part-time job held as musicians during their time in school. They both also have passion for music and the knowledge of business acquired from school will only guide them to running a successful business. Noting that for every startup of a business, there is need for investment after which turnovers are achieved. Lisa and Ruben have invested into the Club by remodeling the interior with fancy installations that are quite inviting. For more liveliness, they hired live bands on certain days of the week and also a live DJ who uses digital data such as MP3 playlist to entertain the guest. With all this installation and the profitability achieved as well as the dream they have for Club IT, Lisa and Ruben discovered that other sides of the business will need some improvement such as their information system therefore deciding...

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...Club it Anabel Hernandez Bis/219 March 3, 2010 Luis Vega Abstract There have been many cases where IT has helped organizations achieve strategic objectives. The real estate industry has seen a major transformation with electronic communications and the Web, the airlines are continuing to innovate, and even my course registration process is getting easier with online options. While Club IT, a night club that is about to open, is without the IT resources of K-mart or Sears, it is more agile and may be able to take advantage of its information base to help build a community with the support of IT. My role in the story is that I have been hired as an intern by Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys. We are sitting in the empty club a few hours before opening; I have an initial meeting with Ruben and Lisa. They provide background on the club and an overview of their need to boost their information technology, data management, and decision-making capabilities. Club it Lisa Tejada and Ruben Keys are starting a nightclub together called Club it. The Club it is ready to be open for the next day. Everything looks fantastic and alluring. The DJ uses MP3 playlists to play hip-hop, techno, electronic, and some Top 40s. Moreover it has high ceilings with high energy lightning that creates an ambience of energy and fun. However, in the internal part of the business there is a little bit of chaos happening. Lisa and Ruben run the office and maintain all financial and......

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...Club It Resource: Club IT, Part One and Part Two, and your workshop 2 outline. Evaluate the IT status of Club IT. Prepare a 700- to 1050-word essay that addresses the following: Briefly describe Club IT’s mission and primary clientele Review Club IT’s information resources including the intranet resources; the password is clubit. Choose one competitive advantage strategy listed in Ch. 2 of Rainer and Turban. Describe the kinds of information Club IT would need to pursue that strategy. Describe the Club IT supply chain Use the SDLC to identify one business problem that that Club IT faces with its supply chain. Summarize the functional and business requirements needed to solve the problem Review a supply chain management software and determine whether it will meet Club IT’s requirements Include an introduction and a conclusion. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. ------------------------------------------------- University of Phoenix Material Club IT, Part Two Over the last few months of your internship at Club IT, you have learned much about the nightclub business and have discovered opportunities for Club IT to improve its information technology capabilities. Ruben and Lisa have asked you to meet with them next week to provide an assessment of their current information systems and a recommendation for upgrading and improving their information management capabilities. You have some definite ideas on how IT could be improved at Club......

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...Current Club IT Club IT was founded by two college graduates, Ruben and Lisa, who had played live music in several clubs throughout their college years. Armed with their Business Administration degrees and their own experiences playing in nightclubs, Ruben and Lisa decided to open up their own nightclub. That is how Club IT was born. They wanted to offer the best music, a great atmosphere, and an enjoyable experience to all of their customers. According to "About Club IT"(n.d.), "We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT."(para. 4). Club IT offers a user-friendly website that can be browsed by current and potential customers. It offers a variety of information about the establishment. Included information is: About Club IT, Club IT Music, Dining & Menus, Merchandise, Club IT Staff, Club Layout, and an Employee Portal. This information allows customers to know what type of music is being played on what dates, what food and drinks are available, buy Club IT branded merchandise, know who is serving them, and what the floor plan is of Club IT. The Employee Portal offers a variety of information that is accessible to employees using their own personal user name and password. Under the Employee Portal, employees can see all of their own personal information, wage, bonus, vacation time, and sick time information, and also download......

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...Club IT, Part Two Jomoto Brown BIS/219 April 25, 2011 Tarik Iles Club IT, Part Two The best way to minimize cost and maximize profit is to revolutionize the infrastructure of Club IT. The best way to get this done is to let the information technology department as well as the owners incorporate better planning and new management systems. One of the issues bought to the attention of the author was the selling of advance tickets by having the customer call in or coming to the club to purchase the tickets. Some of the information that was gathered from Ruben was that he wants to have a website setup so that his customers can purchase tickets online. This is a good idea as well as one that can be expanded. The information technology department can begin working immediately on the club’s extranet, which will be a website that a customer or potential customer can visit and check out who is performing on Friday and Saturday night events. This should be handled very seriously because the club owners want their customers to have a safe and secure transaction over their extranet and electronic data interchange. The way this will be set up is the customer will go to the website, create a personal account, and he or she can purchase his or her tickets online and be able to print the tickets at home. In addition, with this service the club will receive the customer’s e-mail address for this can be the customer’s login information, and the club can send the......

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...Club IT Introduction: Club IT is located in Atlanta, Ga. The club has been successful over the last few months. Ruben and Lisa want to meet with their intern to discuss the information systems that are currently used within the company.  Dance clubs, just like any other new businesses need to have informational technology resources to be an efficient, successful organization.   Specific strategies and business models are used to assist business owners in meeting their business needs, thus elevating the chances of making them successful.   With these strategic initiatives, “organizations can leverage their platforms to develop new Web-based applications, products, and services, as well as to provide superb customer service” (Rainer & Turban, 2008 p. 5).  Mission Statement:  Club IT nightclub has the following mission statement: "We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT" (Rainer & Turban, Welcome to Club IT) Primary Clientele: The primary clientele of Club IT is a younger crowd of people. Club IT plays a variety of music but the general genre of the music is focused on electronic, hip-hop, techno, MP3 and live music bands. When Ruben and Lisa remodeled Club IT, they focused on using open spaces and vivid and lively lighting to draw more of an upbeat crowd of people rather than developing a quiet and relaxing......

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... Our Mission for Club IT (from the owners)"We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT." CalendarMonth Featured Acts January Local bands February World DJs March NYC bands April Open Mike May Country June San Francisco bands July Alternative August R&B september Hip-hop October Latin November Jazz December Folk    CalendarMonth Featured Acts January Local bands February World DJs March NYC bands April Open Mike May Country June San Francisco bands July Alternative August R&B september Hip-hop October Latin November Jazz December Folk    Club IT: Employee InformationWelcome Bobby Lee!           Personal InformationJob Title: Assistant ManagerMost Recent Information: Welcome Our New Employee!Willie Herndon, BartenderWillie joined the Club IT team earlier this month, after 3 years experience as the assistant bartender at the Jamba Club. When he's not tending bar, Willie can be found playing soccer for the City A's. Give Willie a welcome SMS at Employee of the MonthMari Marino, WaitstaffMari is the latest addition to our team of servers. She's also an aspiring singer who has studied voice at the New Age Conservatory. We look forward to some impromptu entertainment from Mari on open mike nights! MMS your welcome to Mari at More Team......

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...Running Head: Club IT Part I Club IT Part I As the newest intern for Club IT, I have taken a look at the most recent issue’s that both Ruben and Lisa are having as owners of this new club. Being a new club, it is very important that there are strategies in place to stay competitive with the competing night clubs in the area. I very much do think that Ruben and Lisa can be competitive running Club IT. Having the knowledge of the services offered including hours of operation, entertainment venue, along with the pricing charged for these amenities is a giant advantage to build around. Keeping up with this information along will keep you in the loop and operationally effective. This will also make it easier to plan your business hours, nightly specials, and events around the busier nights a competing club may have causing you to have less the crowd, meaning less the profits. With Club IT being new, I think that the new remodeling works very well with the modern club style. The high ceilings and high energy lighting that was mentioned gives a look that as noted will bring a very high level of energy to the club making it a fun place to be at and go to. Keeping a strong innovation to Club IT with be on a consistant watch due to changes made all the time in the night club industry. Conclusion Club IT has all the tools needed to stay innovative and successful. The......

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...Club IT Part One XBIS 219 A night-club seems like a fun place to go and an exciting business to run; however, it faces business pressures as any other type of business would. Preparing organizational responses to these pressures, IT can help meet the pressures to help Club IT become more competitive. “High ceilings and energy lighting provide a fun and energy environment. Club IT’s music focuses mainly hip-hop, techno, electronica, MP3, and live” (University of Phoenix, 2009). Club IT should use information technology to survive and succeed in today’s market as many other organization do. One of the reasons companies are successful today, is because they use specific strategies and business models to help them with their transformation to meet the company’s needs. Through this innovative approach, “organizations can leverage their platforms to develop new Web-based applications, products, and services, as well as to provide superb customer service” (Rainer & Turban, 2008). Club IT nightclub has the following mission statement: "We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT" (Rainer & Turban, 2008).Club IT’s clientele consist of young local professionals, adult students, vacationers as well as commerce travelers. Club IT’s surrounding entertainment structures close by brings many people of various ages,...

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...Club IT Introduction Club IT is an establishment that provides entertainment in the form of music. They have a band which plays on the weekends and a disc jockey who plays tunes from Tuesday through Thursday every week. Club IT plays a variety of sounds to include techno, hip-hop and some of the Top 40 songs. As with any establishment, the owners of Club IT want to see what they can do to continue to improve their services. Mission The mission for Club IT is to offer its customers with music, room for them to dance, and providing refreshments in the form of appetizers and adult beverages. Their ultimate goal is for their customers to feel welcome and like they have a place to join their friends and families and that they are welcome to return to on a regular basis. Current Information Resources Club IT has a website that provides potential customers with information on what the club serves and the seating size of the club. The website also provides a calendar that lists what bands will be playing and what type of music they play. Customers can even see what the club looks like through the layout tab of the website and for those who want a Club IT souvenir, there is also a merchandise tab listing what items are for sale. Club IT also has a system in place to keep an inventory of what they have sold and what they need to purchase. They have the information of what their sales looked like for each of the items that they sale and can break it down to how......

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Club It a new nightclub targeting the 21 to 35 year old market and by two young entrepreneurs. The Club recently opened with high hopes and after careful review of the current state of the business, three areas show immediate need for improvement. Oversupply of certain liquors cause higher expenses in the bar while an undersupply of other popular alcoholic drinks cause a customer service problem. It has been reported to management that customers have complained that some of their favorite drinks are not available towards the end of the night. The bartender explains that some ingredients run out while others are abundant, making it impossible for him to prepare the requested beverages. To correct this problem, Ruben has examined several computer programs that will implement a SCM or supply chain management solution. The new software will coordinate the correct supply for the bar and provide accurate data for the purchase and storage of ingredients according to the customer’s patterns described by the bartenders and management. Ruben has also implemented a short customer survey at the door to document the most popular drinks and prepare an adequate supply. The SCM strategy will save the company significant money as it will avoid purchasing an over supply of any one ingredient. The new strategy will reduce inventory, while supporting the efforts of the bartender and keeping the customer satisfied all night long, therefore creating a higher revenue overall. The...

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...Club IT Eugina Hoyle BIS/219 April 10, 2011 Holger Brink Club IT Club IT is a music venue located downtown. It is owned and managed by Reuben Keys and Lisa Tejada. After remolding their club they realize that the information management could use some improvement. As a result they hire me as an intern to do an analysis of the things they need to make this happen. The mission of Club It from the owners is to “Offer live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshments that suit your life style. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT.” (Rainer and Turban 2008). When you visit Club IT, a member of the friendly and experienced staff will greet you. The club has been newly remolded for a more hip and trendy environment. You will enjoy Techno, Hip Hop and Electro music styles performed live and on MP3. There are several seating areas throughout the club surrounding the spacious dance floor. The bar is fully stocked with four pour stations allowing for quick service. From the mission statement, the style and music played at the club it seems to be geared towards a crowd that is in the age range of 25 to 35 year old. Regular and potential customers can find information about Club IT and owners Reuben and Lisa on the clubs webpage. They can view the clubs food and beverage menus or branded merchandise it has for sale. The layout of the club is available as well. The Intranet available within the club provides...

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...Club IT: Part One XBIS/219 Ashley Wheeler Katherine Escobar March 4, 2012 Club IT is a nightclub that is owned and managed by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. Working as musicians throughout college, both Ruben and Lisa had a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of clubs. The pair graduated with degrees in Business Administration and partnered up to open Club IT. The nightclub has undergone extensive remodeling which alluded customers to an atmosphere that is both dynamic and entertaining. Club IT is closed on Sundays; however, Tuesday through Thursday they have DJ’s that uses MP3 playlists that include a mixture of music from hip-hop, techno, and some Top 40’s. On Friday and Saturday, Club IT satisfies its customers with live music by some of the many bands it hires. Every month of the year, Club IT showcases a different type of musical act. For example, in January only local bands are hired and May is set aside for Country music. The building that houses Club IT is 6,000 square feet total. Club IT’s dance floor alone is 600 square feet which allows for enough room for everyone to dance comfortably. Club IT also has enough space for 220 customers to sit at either one of their 14 booths or 14 tables while resting their feet or enjoying one of their many appetizers and short order meals. There is a conveniently located bar that has four pouring stations to help ensure short waiting times The main mission at Club IT is to offer live music, DJ’s, dance space......

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...Club IT which is owned and operated by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada, the club is doing well but need help with some strategic objections. They both graduated with degrees in Business Administration in 2000, and decided to follow their dream to open a nightclub. Club IT is a new hot spot for both young adults, and middle age to enjoy fine dining and good music. It is located downtown’s Chicago, IL. Club IT is one of the hottest new clubs to hit the Chicago area. Ruben and Lisa has put a lot of time an effort into remodeling the club, by doing so it has brought a certain quality to its visitors. Club IT, brings a different scene in the downtown area. Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada are current musicians themselves, which brings musical background to the club. Ruben and Lisa were able to open the club of their dreams because of their extensive background in business administration, Their main purpose for Club IT is to “offer the general public live music, DJ’s, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle,” (Wiley, 2005). Without the proper knowledge of data management, the structure of the club could be at risk for failure. Owners Ruben and Lisa decided to hire an intern to evaluate information, and to provide input to Club its growth and develop a strategy that will uplift the club’s communication externally but internally as well. This will allow Ruben and Liza to be able to view several aspects of different possibilities to find customers and furthermore, through...

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