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Climate Essay
Arlene Jernigan
August 10, 2015
Joseph W. Hussar III

Climate Essay

The active listening that must take place in the workplace goes beyond just the hearing of the words that are spoken by the sender. In the business world, listening skills are acknowledged as a means "to improve customer satisfaction, build partnerships, and maintain relationships among supervisors and employees" (Shipley, 2010, p. 126). It is for this reason that management and staff alike, work together to improve its existence in the workplace.
Active listening is a skill that must be cultivated and developed further; we are born with the ability to speak and hear but not the ability to listen. Each one of the listening steps such as receiving, interpreting, remembering, evaluating and responding has to be followed properly for listening to become effective; therefore, listening is an active process. It takes a conscious effort to put aside first impressions of verbal and nonverbal cues and listen to what is being said. In the workplace, this may be difficult because of the differences in management styles and workplace dynamics. However, it can be a learned skill and be practiced in every aspect of life, including where we work. The more active listening that occurs opens the doors to better communication overall.
During the process of actively listening, the receiver of the message concentrates on what is being conveyed by the messenger. He or she stops talking, maintains eye contact, uses receptive body language, and waits patiently for the speaker to finish talking. These behaviors are particularly important in the workplace; for without them, there can be "bitterness, annoyances, and misunderstandings" (Rane, 2011, p. 45). When misunderstandings and resentment occur in the workplace, it can lead to low morale and decreased productivity.

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