Class and Discrimination in Business

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Class and Discrimination in Business
In America, class is something that is not important, most of us are middle-class and we are continuously moving up the economic ladder, because we all have an equal opportunity to succeed. I would certainly object to these commonly held beliefs. . In “Class in America-2003,” first published in Race, Class, and Gender in the United States: An Integrated Study, Mantsios thoroughly persuades his readers that Americans avoid talking about class, because there are too many underlying realities that Americans like to “sweep under the rug.” Not only does Mantsios have strong argument to why we all have not reached the same opportunities, the fact that affirmative action still exist is strong evidence, as well.
According to Wikipedia, Affirmative action “refers to the policies that take to race, ethnicity, physical disabilities, military career, gender, or a person's parents' social class into consideration”. Many think affirmative action is unnecessary, but statistics show that 95% to 97% white men have corporate positions (“Talking”). These statistics are bad enough, so imagine if there were no affirmative action policies in place. There is no doubt an undeniable gap exist between the rich and the poor and it is difficult to argue that Americans live in a classless society. Many object to affirmative action policies, because they believe that it advocates reverse discrimination. This is certainly not the reason for affirmative action, it is only to create a diverse balance and make sure other qualified people are not looked over for their race, color, class, etc.
Another problem in business is the “Glass Ceiling”. This is said to be indirect discrimination against women and minorities from advancing to upper level positions within their job. In the 20th century, women are still paid 21% less than a man, which is just like a…...

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