City of Glass

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City of Glass
Story by Paul Auster
Essay by Vanessa Jagna Hoff Levinsen

In this essay, we will be working with Paul Auster’s novel “City of Glass”. In the story, we follow the character Daniel Quinn, whose occupation is writing literature. This novel works with different themes that are related to mental health. The first theme we will be talking about is a question of identity; who am I, and who are you? We will follow this with describing human contact’s connection with the sanity of mankind. Social life and its influence on our mentality will lead us to the question of the masks of mankind; who is the real personality among the many faces of a single human. We will also discuss the theme of deciding. What crucial decisions have lead to the life we now live, and what could have been, if our stories had taken place just a tiny bit differently. Last but not least we will go into depth with Quinn’s mental disorder and how it is related to the other characters in the novel.

Can a single, presumably random incident change the entire course of our lives? We all have one or more events that changed the entire direction of our own personal tales of existence. It can be a moment of clarity, where we realised we had lived our lives wrong the entire time. It could be the moment we bumped into that special someone, and fell in love. Or maybe it was that day when you received a rather odd phone call; let us say that perhaps you got a phone call from someone who looked for a detective? In Paul Auster’s “City of Glass” this is exactly what happened to the main character, Daniel Quinn.

In the narrative “City of Glass” we hear the tale of an ordinary author who writes potboilers. Daniel Quinn is a 35 year-old man, who lost his spouse and child five years prior the novel’s timeline. In his youth, likely while he still had his wife and son, he had been a very productive…...

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