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Citizen’s Charters- A Handbook

A Publication of the Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances New Delhi, India
Contents Sl.No. 1
The Citizen’s Charters : Indian Experience
Basic Concept, Origin and Principles The International Scene The Indian Scene Comprehensive Website on Citizen’s Charter Exemplary Implementation of the Citizen’s Charter Evaluation of Citizen’s Charter Compendium on Citizen’s Charters in Government of India Regional Seminars Capacity-Building workshops Department-Specific Workshops Information and Facilitation Counters(IFCs) Problems faced in Implementing the Charters 1/45

Page No. 1



Lessons Learnt Future Vision: Development of Charter Mark


Formulation of Citizen’s Charter
Rationale of a Citizen’s Charter Components of a Citizen’s Charter Formulation of Citizen’s Charters: A Road Map Citizen’s Charters-Model Guidelines Citizen’s Charters-General Structure Guidelines Dos and Don’t for Implementing the Charters What Makes a Good Charters Things to Remember A Model Format for Citizen’s Charter



Duties and Responsibilities of Nodal Officers
Duties and Responsibilities of Nodal Officers of Citizen’s charter in Central/State Governments/Ministries/ Departments/Public Sector Undertakings/Organisations for Formulation and Implementation of Citizen’s Charters


Evaluation and Review of Citizen’s Charters
Need to Evaluate, Monitor and Review External Evaluation of Citizen’s Charter Check List for Citizen’s Charter Citizen’s Charter Assessment Parameters Evaluation, Monitoring and Review of Charters – A Summary charter Mark


Contents V Effective Complaints Handling Introduction Designing and Implementing Effective Complaints Handling…...

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