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Abortion is controversial subject, which many people like to avoid. It is important to discuss such widespread social issue, with serious implication to hundreds of people and can increased moral consequences if not discussed, as many people have different attitudes towards abortion. Abortion can take place for various reasons, such as being afraid of financial hardship that child would bring, being subject to rape or incest, unstable relationships and sometimes may be an inconvenience to the woman who is career driven. With such reasoning to justify abortion raises many moral questions like ‘when does a human life which is morally equal to our own being?
Pope John Paul II defines abortion in Evangelium Vitae as “a deliberate, lethal attack on the body of the child- with or without the aim of ending its life. The church has always condemned the act of abortion as the Catholic Christians believe that life is sacred from conception until natural death. Although, there is no clear mention of abortion in the bible, besides references to the treatment of pregnant women in war that can lead to killing of the unborn child. The church believes that the taking of an innocent life whether born or unborn is morally wrong. The churches view on abortion is backed up by a passage from the Declaration on Procured Abortion 1974: “Human life is precious. Infused by the creator, life is again taken back by him.”(Gn 2:7) and he will demand an account for it, for in the image of God man was made.”(Gn 4:10) The commandment of God is formal; ‘You shall not kill (Ex 20:13). The passage highlights the importance of first human right; life. A mature human life does not belong to society or public authority to achieve his right to live and any discrimination towards him or her based on race or religion is considered evil. Therefore, the right to life for a foetus should be…...

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