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* 1. The passage above is notable chiefly for c. a literary conceit

2. In The Federalist, No, X, James Madison proposed that the dangers of factions be controlled by a a. republican form of government * 3. Sky Woman, Wolverine, and Turtle are all important figures in which of the following types of literature ? * d. Native American oral tales

* 4. In line 1, “offspring” most probably refers to the author’s * b. book of poem

* * 5. “My rambling brat” (line 11) is an example of * d. personification * * * 6. Place the name of teach of the Colonial era figures beside the British colony with which he is most closely associated. A. John Smith- The Virginia Colony
B. John Winthrop- The Massachusetts Bay Colony * C. Roger Williams- The Colony Of Rhode Island * * * 7. The passage above is an example of a. Puritanism * * 8. Thomas Pain’s Common Sense had a direct influence on which of the following Revolutionary era works? * c. Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence *
9. The passage above is from * a. William Bradford’s The History of Plimouth Plantation

10. All of the following are writers of the Colonial era EXCEPT b. Margaret Fuller

11. The passage would best be described as an example of
d. Sentimentalism

12. The first paragraph of the passage provides an example of which of the following figures of speech ?
c. Apostrophe

13. Which of the following best describes a theme of Whitman’s poem “ Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking’’?
e. The awakening of the poet to his vocation

14. Which of the following did NOT write a slave narrative?
d. Charles Brockden Brown

15. The sentences are taken from the opening pages of
e. Henry David Thoreau’s Walden

16. The phrase “the furniture of my mind was all undusted still” can best be paraphrased by which of the following ?
b. I had not examined my ideas and beliefs.

17. The passage is excerpted from
b. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “ Self- Reliance”

18. The sentence beginning “He who would gather immortal palms . . . “ is best interpreted to mean which of the following?
a. Anyone who wishes to achieve greatness must examine society’s fundamental values.

19. The philosophy expressed in the passage is best paraphrased by which of the following statement?
c. Society and individuality are at odds, so those seeking to be individuals must define their own terms for living

20. In the passage above, the images of the cemetery, prison, and rose-bush set the tone for which of the following works?
b. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter

21. The “unpardonable sin” committed by Ethan Brand is
a. allowing one’s intellectual curiosity to violate the privacy of others * * 22. The passage is taken from which of the following ? * e. Edgar Allan Poe’s “ The Philosophy of Composition” * * 23. Which of the following writers, born into a family of New England ministers, achieved popular success with an abolitionist novel ? * c. Harriet Beecher Stowe * * 24. The name of the central character in the work from which of the passage above is taken is * b. Henry Fleming * * 25. About which of the following works did Ernest Hemingway say, “It’s the best book we’ve had. All American writing comes form that”? * e. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn * * 26. “ I would prefer not to” is a statement often made by a character in which of the following ? * d. “Bartleby the Scrivener” * * 27. The title character of Henry James’s Daisy Miller finally? * d. dies as the result of a night visit to the Colosseum. * * 28. Which of the following best states the theme of Stephen Crane’s “ The Open Boat”? * c. Nature, though seemingly hostile, is actually indifferent to human beings. * * 29. The King and the Duke in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are * b. confidence men * * 30. At the end of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, the heroine does which of the following? * b. Walks into the sea * * 31. The primary purpose of the passage is to * c. establish a setting * * 32. In the passage, the word “gray” is an example of * b. a motif * * 33. The tone of the passage would best be described as * c. portentous * * 34. Which of the following does NOT appear in a poem by Emily Dickinson ?
c. a rain-filled red wheelbarrow “ beside the white chickens”

35. Mark Twain, William Dean Howells, and Henry James are commonly described by literary historians as
c. realists

36. Which of the following writers was particularly important in the development of the short story as a literary form ?
d. Edgar Allan Poe

37. Which of the following was a writer of feminist essays and Utopian novels who achieved her fictionalized account of depression and mental breakdown ?
e. Charlotte Perkins Gilman

38. Place the name of each of the following authors beside the city with which he is most closely identified.
Theodore Dreiser- Chicago
George Washington Cable – New Orleans
Bret Harte- San Francisco

39. Which of the following best describes people as they are portrayed in the fiction of Stephen Crane. Theodore Dreiser, and Frank Norris ?
c. Creatures shaped by biological, social, and economic factors

40. John Steinbeck’s The Grapes Of wrath depicts
a. the plight of dispossessed farmers who migrate to California

41. Which of following statements summarizes Booker T. Washington’s message in a well- known speech delivered in Atlanta Georgia, in 1895 and later included in his autobiography, Up From Slavery ?
b. Progress for both the African Americans and the White communities requires cooperation in developing commercial and industrial opportunities. * * 42. In the passage, which of the following best describes the speaker’s attitude toward the very rich ? * d. He thinks that he understands their psychology even though he has not shared their advantages. * * 43. The passage was written by * a. F. Scott Fitzgerald * * 44. A demand for political, civic, and educational equality is voiced in The Souls of Black Folk by * a. W. E. B Du Bois * * 45. Which of the following writers was a part of the Harlem Renaissance?
b. Zora Neale Hurston

46. Place the name of each of the following writers beside the region that figures most prominently in her writing.
Willa Cather - The Great Plains
Flannery O’ Connor - The Deep South
Sarah Orne Jewett- New England

47. The “light tongues” (line 7) are a metaphorical reference to the tree’s
e. leaves

48. When the tree is “taken and tossed” (line 9), the speaker sees the tree as an image of
b. his own troubled mind

49. Place the name of each of the following novels besides the war during which it is set.
The Vietnam War - The Things They Carried
The Second- The Naked and the Dead
The Spanish - From Whom the Bell Tolls

50. In The Great Gatsby, who is directly responsible for the death of Myrtle Wilson?
a. Daisy Buchanan

51. Characters with the last names of Snopes, Compson, and Sartoris figures prominently in the fiction of
d. William Faulkner

52. Which of following poets is best known for sonnets that combine a traditional verse form with a concern for women’s issues ?
a. Edna St. Vincent Millay

53. Which of the following poets derived the title, the plan, and much of the symbolism of one of his or her major poems from Jessie Weston’s From Ritual to Romance ?
b. T.S. Eliot

54. As part of a series of dramas chronicling the lives of African American in each decade of the twentieth century, Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson has written which of the following pairs of play ?
b. The Piano Lesson . . . Fences

55. Place the name of each of the following writers beside the genre with which he most closely associated.
Eugene O’Neill-drama
O. Henry-the short story
Frank Norris -the novel

56. “You’ve just seen a prince walk by. A fine, troubled prince. A hard working unappreciated prince. A pal, you understand ?Always for his boys.”
In which of the following modern American plays is the principal character described above ? e Death of a Salesman

57. Which of the following cities is Carl Sandburg noted for celebrating ?
b. Chicago

58. Bigger Thomas is the central character in ?
c. Richard Wright’s Native Son

59. In the passage above from Tennessee Williams` The Glass Menagerie, the term “ Blue Roses” is a metaphor for the young woman’s .
d. shyness and sensitivity

* 60. In line 10, the word “it” refers to * c. “This beautiful place” ( line 2) * * 61. In lines 11- 14 the discussion of “ the people” emphasizes their * d. past and future * * 62. The primary contrast in the poem is between * e. nature and humankind * * 63. The poem is written in which verse form ? * c. free verse * * 64. Which beset describes the plot of John Cheever’s “The Swimmer” * a. A man swims home from a friend’s house via a series of swimming pools. * * 65.Which of the following is the first-person narrator of Harper Lee’s 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird? * c. Scout * * 66. which of the following novels chronicles the experiences of an African American protagonist * d. Invisible Man * * 67. At the end of Flannery O’ Connor’s “ A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” the grandmother does which of the following ? * c. she dies after being shot by an escaped convict, the Misfit. * * 68.In the passage above, the discussion of “talk-story” helps to express the speakers
c. sense that storytelling was a way that her mother transmitted strength

69. The characters Shug Avery, Celie, and Mister appear in which of the following novels ?
a. The Color Purple

70. Lines 1-4 suggest that the speaker viewed the mother as
b. indomitable

71. The poem makes use of all the following EXCEPT
e. satire

72. All of the following were written by Toni Morrison EXCEPT
e. Tell Me a Riddle

73. The Native American author of the Pulitzer Prize- winning novel House Made of Dawn is
a. N. Scott Momaday…...

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