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Changing How to Store Information. Synopsis

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Case Report:
Changing How to Store Information
Anthony Willis
University of Maryland, University College

This paper was prepared for Managing People and Groups in the Global Workplace, AMBA 620, taught by Professor Lucia Miree
A. Case Synopsis
During his tenure at the Information Technology department, Shanu paints the picture of a positive work environment where the employees are satisfied and happy with their jobs. After three years of working with the company, Shanu witnessed two junior members get laid off without a formal warning or explanation. The abrupt dismissal of these employees caused a shift in the culture of the work environment and generated issues that would impact the employees of the IT Department. After the abrupt dismissal the remaining employees began to exhibit unprofessional behaviors such as socializing, taking longer breaks, tardiness, and missing departmental meetings. They began to physically and psychologically withdraw from the company becoming disengaged with the department revealing their true issue, stress and job satisfaction.
B. Framework for case analysis:
Workplace stress is common in today’s uncertain jobs market; however, an abundance of stress can interfere with employee’s productivity and impact their physical and emotional health (Segal, Smith, & Robinson, 2013). Studies show that employees who have high stress levels tend to underperform and cannot work to their full potential, which in turn cause companies to lose profits. Employees who underperform during their job tend to have low job satisfaction. Studies have shown that workplace stress can be directly linked to job satisfaction; although, most researchers find that workplace stress is viewed as a predecessor of job satisfaction (Mansoor, Fida, Nasir, & Ahmad, 2011). Job dissatisfaction can be linked to the organizational structure of a company, lack…...

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