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Europass Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s)
Address(es) Telephone(s) E-mail Nationality Date of birth Gender

Marco Filénio Vieira Neiva
Rua do Casal, Nº15 Feitos, 4750-442 Barcelos, Portugal +351 253861145 Portuguese January 19, 1985 Male Mobile: +351 963845840

Work experience
Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities Name and address of employer Type of business or sector Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities Name and address of employer Type of business or sector 2006 - 2009 Assistant Camera operator and video editor Take5 Audiovisual Production From January 2010 to Present Founder and administrator of HyperCube – 3D Stereoscopic Productions CEO HyperCube 3D Stereocopic Productions and Services

I&D Projects
Dates Description Dates Description Dates Description Dates Description From February 2008 to September 2008 development of a player for Vuzix iWear VR920 (3D glasses) From March 2009 to April 2008 discover the best way to produce content to auto-stereoscopic displays From September 2010 to December 2010 integration of technologies to develop a solution for recording surgery 3d through the surgical microscope and realtime preview. February 2011 Development of a solution to capture images using 3 techniques at same time: 3D + HDR + TimeLapse

3D Stereo Productions (live- In these productions I was the producer, the stereographer, 3D camera operator, the editor, the action) creative....
Dates Title Description
Page 1/4 - Curriculum vitae of Neiva Marco

From July 2008 to September 2008 “Maravilhas de Barcelos 3D” It was a final project to my course, the idea was create the first 3d movie in FullHD- 3D in Portugal
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Dates Title Description Name and address of employer Dates Title Description Name and address of employer Dates Title Description Name and address of employer Dates Title Description Name and address of employer Dates Title Description Name and address of employer Dates Title Description Name and address of employer Dates Title Description Name and address of employer Dates Title Description Name and address of employer

From June 2009 to July 2009 “Santa Cruz 3D” The goal was to produce a promotional touristic film ICTVR (International Center of Technology and Virtual Reality) - Portalegre From March 2010 to April 2010 “Pigmalião 3D” 3D short clip which was displayed in 3D during a play where the actors interacted with the screen Cultural Center of Guimarães June 2010 “ClosetHouse 3D” Institutional video that demonstrates the main characteristics from a modern house HyperCube to Consexto Lda. July 2010 “Zzz Bug 3D” this is a pilot for a series that we proposed to MEO3D, a portuguese 3D chanel HyperCube to Hibrid Pictures October 2010 “”BP Gas 3D” This is a promotional video that presents the features of a new service from BP Gás HyperCube to UPpartner to BP Gás November 2010 “I Want look like Brad” Short film, it’s the first short film in 3D produced in Portugal, the objective was to participate in the contest “Zon Multimedia prize” HyperCube + Hibrid Pictures December 2010 “3D ophthalmology Surgery” This is a pioneer project in medical area, we have the possibility to capture 3D images during a ophthalmology surgery HyperCube to “Surgical Center of Coimbra” with support of Sony Europe From August 2010 to February 2011 “Viana do Castelo 3D” It’s a 3D touristic promotional movie, shows the best places, the nature, the culture... HyperCube to Municipality of Viana do Castelo

3D Stereo Exhibitions Here I worked as a 3D consultant and Technician
Date Description September 16
3D projection technology: Passive Screen dimensions: 8x5m Nº of glasses: 600 Place: Campo Pequeno - Lisboa


October 21

Page 2/4 - Curriculum vitae of Neiva Marco

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3D projection technology: Passive Screen dimensions: 5x3m Nº of glasses: 300 Place: Hotel Campo Real – Torres Vedras

Date Description

December 21
3D projection technology: Passive Screen dimensions: 8x5m Nº of glasses: 1000 Place: Miami Beach Bar – Luanda Angola

Education and training
Dates Title of qualification awarded Principal subjects/occupational skills covered From September 2003 to September 2008 Engineer of Computer Graphics and Multimedia
Advanced level in programming languages Mathematical Geometry Computer Graphics Dynamic physics Interaction – Computer and Humans Virtual and Augmented Reality Photography Professional Animation Post-production of movies Processing and Analysis of Image Technologies of multimedia Cinematographic arts

Name and type of organisation providing education and training Level in national or international classification

Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão – Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo 15 (0-20)

Speaker in conferences and Constantly invited to speak in conferences and workshops about the topic 3D stereo Workshops
Dates October 2009 Title: “Demystifying the 3D” Place: Conference “The 3D Invasion” – Lisbon Portugal Dates June 2010 Title: “Video Games in Stereoscopy” Place: Conference “Dimension 3” – Paris France Dates August 2010 Title: Workshop “3D Techniques” Place: Avanca – International Film Festival

Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) Other language(s) Self-assessment
European level (*)

Portuguese English, Spanish Understanding
Listening B2
Proficient user

Spoken interaction Spoken production

Basic user


English Spanish
Page 3/4 - Curriculum vitae of Neiva Marco

C2 Independent user C1 Independent user C2 Independent user A2
Proficient user

B2 Independent user C1

C1 Independent user C2 Independent user B2 Independent user

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(*) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Social skills and competences

- team spirit - good ability to adapt to multicultural environments - good communication skills gained through my experience - sense of organisation (experience in logistics); - good experience in project or team management. - Understand all new language of stereoscopy - Handling professional photographic/video cameras - 3D Rig Operator (P+S Technik) - Built solutions for 3D exhibitions/demonstrations Systems based on Windows/Mac or Linux All software Office 2007 The Suite of Adobe (Premiere, Encore Photoshop…) 3D Stereo corrections in After Effects, Nuke, Pablo…etc Programming in C++ language, API OpenGL and DirectX

Organisational skills and competences Technical skills and competences

Computer skills and competences

Artistic skills and competences Other skills and competences

Photography Entrepreneur, Enthusiast, Dreamer...

Driving licence I am a holder of an Portuguese drivers licence. Category B vehicle.

Additional information
Blogs Founder Blog “” – Stereoscopy in Portuguese
Founder Blog “” – News about surgeries un 3D

Future I&D projects Hobbies Interviews

- 360 video capture and projection - Interactive Cinema (the next paradigm)
- Binaural (the true 3D sound experience)

- BTT - Magic
    Interview to the “Exame Informática” Magazine - “3D the Revolution”. Interview to the “Smash” Magazine - “VideoGames in Stereoscopic 3D”. Participation in the International Tourism Film Festival in the category: “3D Touristic Movies” Winner of contest for Entrepreneurs – “PoliEmpreende 2009” with the project: “HyperCube 3D Stereoscopic Productions”.

Others Projects

- 3DInGames: Project to promote 3d technology for videogames


Page 4/4 - Curriculum vitae of Neiva Marco

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