Centralia No. 5

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Assignment # 1
Centralia No. 5
Strayer University
Modern Public Administration PAD 500
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July 22,2013

I found this case study to be very interesting, especially following the recent fatal building collapse in Philadelphia. From February 7, 1942 to the deaths of 111 miners on March 25, 1947, Centralia Number 5 was a disaster waiting to happen. So many things could have been done that were not. Scanlan's first report on February 7, 1942 was a premonition of the disaster to come. Scanlan as an inspector should have and could have done more to prevent this tragedy. Unnecessary life was lost.
I whole hearty think that someone in an authority position could have stopped this disaster. One of these people was Driscoll O. Scanlan, a mining inspector for the State of Illinois. Even though Scanlan did document the appalling mining conditions nothing of significance was done. There were several points along this path of misfortune where someone could have done something to prevent this tragedy. Despite the fact he held meetings with personnel like representatives from the union and state officials, there was so much more that he should have done. As a public administrator Scanlan could have employed the following alternative strategies.
Scanlan had inspected several mines during his tenure. He proclaimed Centralia Number 5 was the most dangerous mine he has ever inspected. As a public administrator, this should have been an indication that something was wrong here. Scanlan submitted reports to the Illinois’s Department of Mines and Minerals trying to alert them of the mines horrific conditions. However these reports were always treated as routine never elevated to the next level. The findings were returned to Centralia, but there were no follow-ups to see if they implemented the recommendations from Scanlan. At this point, he…...

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