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Cengage Human Resources Management Exercise Paper
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Employee Turnover and Absenteeism

Employee turnover rates and absenteeism create a sense of nervousness for some in the workplace, that’s what I believe that is one of this week’s main topic. When people don’t stay at a job let’s say for instance at a nursing care facility, it takes a while for a resident to become trusting of who they let care for them. They might like this new employee better than they like you. If they don’t stay, it often creates more of a nervousness for them. They often have behaviors especially those with dementia. My half-sister is in a care facility for the blind and she does not like change. It takes her six months to get used to a new voice without any outburst or odd behaviors. I know when I worked in Long Term Care when people would call in at the last minute that generally meant that we were running short staffed. The residents didn’t like it and neither did I. Not only does turnover rates and absenteeism affect the company it also effects the residents/consumers as well. My choices were well received by Brain Newman in the simulation. Some of the question I had to really think about the best answers and I got a few wrong. It really made me think about making the best choices when there were several good answers. I liked being able to learn the equations to figure out turnover rates. I always had wondered how there were figured out. Also figuring out the best options to help out the company was good. It made me feel helpful to them. What I learned from this was is you really should listen to your employees for ideas as well as your HR learning team. If your employees aren’t happy it creates a hostile environment for all, even consumers. I know one salesman in the simulations said that he…...

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