Causes of Mistrust in Healthcare Today

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Causes of Mistrust in Healthcare Today
Debra Haynes
American Intercontinental University
Healthcare Resource Allocation and Policy Making (HLTH440 -1601B -01)


Declining trust between patients and providers
Looking at the declining trust that exist in society today can be somewhat dishearten. When an individual has to choose between medical decisions oppose to purchasing food or keeping a roof over their head. It can prove to be a very difficult choice. This can be stated as a contributing factor to the declining trust in the healthcare system. Clearly another cause is the escalation in healthcare cost. In addition to escalation in cost is the complicated multitier payment system that exists in healthcare today. With these factors in mind the healthcare providers should be held accountable to uphold the ethical and moral values of their profession. The focus of my investigation is the cause of mistrust from an ethical and moral standpoint. Using Beauchamp and Childress four principle to address the issues faced by individuals through the current healthcare in the system such as legal issues, economic financial, and the impact it generates in people lives. I will try to propose one modification to help elevate the trust in the system. Legal issues contributing to mistrust
Medical Malpractice
Two legal issues contributing to mistrust is medical malpractice and comprising of electronic health records. Medical malpractice causes separation and lack of trust between patients and providers. Because of incidences that may have occurred within the healthcare system. The forefront of all legal issues is medical malpractice, because there are standards that were set by the pioneers in healthcare and all providers are to uphold the values set. Base on the veracity theory taken from ethics in healthcare, 2010 pg. 62, and “veracity connects both…...

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