Case Study on Mary

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Case Study on Mary

Client is a middle-aged female, currently unemployed. She states she is a dropout, a divorcee and has no children, (further into her recovery, we find out that she is a mother of a deceased child). Mary is in the hospital as a result of getting into a fight with a local at the bar. Mary has been in the hospital three times in the last year, she appears to be suffering from hallucinations and possible seizures in the hospital. Mary states that she does not have an alcohol problem and that she will not go into a rehabilitation center.

Mary presents here today with the following issues:

1. Totally in denial about her alcoholism. 2. Past due on rent, lives in a small one-room apartment with two cats. 3. Begs and steals to get money for her next drink, not really worrying about rent. 4. Eventually she gets kicked out of her apartment and is living on the streets.

Mary ends up going into the treatment center mainly because she needs a place to live and to get off the street, she is in denial of her alcoholism, states she has no job no one wants her, she has very low self-esteem.

In the first group session, Mary states she could never imagine not taking another drink. Mary seems codependent, flirts with Patrick (who she calls Patty (which is her uncles name)), covers for Paul the motorcycle guy when he’s doing drugs in the room. She starts gambling with Paul in the room that they share at the Rehab center, which is unethical.

Eventually Mary listens and gets to know the other people and learns their stories and sees that maybe she can do this too. Mary gets to start working as she’s doing so well in the treatment center. At the place she’s working at, she finds alcohol in the cabinets. She ends up having flashbacks, drinks and leaves her job. After leaving job drunk she goes out looking for her kitties and ends up…...

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