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I encourage you to use the DECIDE framework (adopted from Kerin & Peterson 2013) as you work through the cases in this class. Note that these steps are iterative, in that you begin with step 1, then move to step 2, then reconsider step 1, then move to step 3, then reconsider steps 1 & 2, etc. This iterative process will help you develop excellent recommendations that are internally consistent , supported by compelling strategic and financial arguments. I highlight in red specific suggestions for how to incorporate outputs from this framework into a recommendation. 1. Define the problem
– Objectives & constraints
2. Enumerate the decision factors
– Alternatives & uncertainties (e.g., pros & cons)
3. Consider relevant information
– Quantitative analysis and SWOT
4. Identify the best alternative.
– Decision analysis
5. Develop plan for implementing the chosen alternative.
– Marketing mix details & examples
6. Evaluate the decision and the decision process.
– Re-evaluate the objective(s) & consider assumptions that make the 2nd-best alternative better than the chosen alternative 1. Define the problem. As you read through the case the first time, identify and highlight the decision-makers’ objective(s) and the constraints that make achieving the objective(s) difficult. The objectives may be broadly defined at this stage (e.g., increase revenues or profits). The constraints likely involve a disadvantage with respect to resources or capabilities or the presence of an external threat. 2. Enumerate the decision factors. Because you are new to case analysis, the alternatives will usually be well-defined in this class. That isn’t always the case! You should identify the uncertainties that make the attractiveness of each alternative ambiguous. You should also clearly identify the…...

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