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Why Capital Punishment Should Be Supported

Marven Gee


April 11, 2011

Royce Decker


This paper speaks about capital punishment and why I feel that capital punishment should be

supported. In the Bible, there are scriptures quoted by God and his son Jesus in reference to

supporting the death penalty. If the God we serve is not opposed to taking the life of a person

that has committed a crime of murder, then we as a people should not be opposed to the death


Many people are opposed to capital punishment for various reasons. The main reason many

people are opposed to capital punishment has to do with biblical issues. I support capital

punishment because of what bible scriptures say and I honestly believe that god does not have a

problem with a criminals life being taken because of a severe crime the criminal committed. All

throughout the bible, many of God’s chosen leaders killed many kings, tribes, and soldiers that

opposed the people of Israel. Moses, Josuha, Saul, David, Paul, and Sampson were some of

God’s greatest men to ever lead his people and yet they killed many men that opposed God.

In the bible, it states “an eye for an eye” which means that what you do to a person, should be

done to you. So if a person commits a crime of murder, then their life should be taken from

them. During biblical times, there were many ways a person was put to death for wrong doing

and one of the most common ways was stoning. In the bible, Christ regarded capital punishment

in many ways as a punishment for murder. Matthew 26:52 Jesus states “all who take the sword

will perish by the sword.” Jesus was speaking to Peter who was one of the twelve disciples and tried to kill a soldier who came to arrest Jesus. Jesus also states in Luke 19:27 “but bring here


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...Level 6 Name Teacher Benefits of Capital Punishment In order to understand this topic is important to define ´´Capital punishment´´, which is also called death penalty, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica is ´´the execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense´´ published on Apr. 25, 2008. This type of punishment has been used for many years, in almost all societies and religions. In most countries (Saudi Arabia, Africa, Somalia, and United States) this count of method it is reserved from those who commit murder, treason, but there are other countries where it is applied for those who commit sexual felonies, such as rape, incest, pedophilia, adultery. On the other hand, crimes as drug traffic are considered capital punishment as well. In China, human trafficking, and other corruption cases lead to the death penalty. In this context, there are many people who are against capital punishment, as said by the Abolitionists, death penalty or capital punishment is not only is an act of violence but also a crime, it is considered an inhumane act tolerating the killing of another human being. In fact, it is intricate that the government allows this type of punishment since is taking away the life of a human being as a solution to fight against crime and violence. They argue that violence should never be the answer for the problems that the society is going through. Although, the society that we are living now is full......

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...Capital Punishment  Many distinctive doctrines in criminal law originated in efforts to restrict the number of capital crimes and executions. For instance, in the late 18th century, when all murder in the United States was punishable by death, Pennsylvania pioneered in dividing murder into two categories. The state enacted laws that authorized punishment of first-degree murder by death, while second-degree murder was punishable by imprisonment only. Elsewhere, penal codes uniformly required death for certain serious crimes. In these jurisdictions, discretionary powers to commute death sentences gradually expanded. (A commutation substitutes a lesser penalty for a more severe one—for example, replacing execution with a life sentence.) Today in many nations, including Turkey and Japan, the death penalty remains legal but the number of executions has declined over time.  Although many jurisdictions limited imposition of the death penalty, no government had formally abolished capital punishment until Michigan did so in 1846. Within 20 years Venezuela (1863) and Portugal (1867) had formally eliminated the practice as well. By the beginning of the 20th century the death sentence had been abolished in a handful of nations, such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Norway, and The Netherlands. Although not formally eliminated, it had fallen into disuse in many others, including Brazil, Cape Verde, Iceland, Monaco, and Panama. The defeat of the Axis powers provided a foundation......

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