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Capital Mkt

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SUBJECT NAME : Capital Markets

SUBJECT NO. : 25741

TIME ALLOWED : Three (3) hours plus ten (10) min. reading time


Part A: 10 multiple choice questions worth 1 mark each (10 marks in total). • Encode your name and student number on the computer-coding sheet with a 2B grade pencil. • Record one answer to each multiple-choice question with a 2B grade pencil on the computer-coding sheet.

Part B: 5 calculation questions worth 4 marks each (20 marks in total). • Answers to these questions must be written in the examination booklet provided. You must show your workings for the calculations. Unsubstantiated answers will be ignored.

Part C: 5 short-answer questions worth 4 marks each (20 marks in total). • Answers to these questions must be written in the examination booklet provided.

Note: Non-programmable calculators may be used.



The following formulae were used in topics 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. You are assumed to know how to use them.

|Call IV = max.[S-X,0] |[pic] |
| | |
|[pic] |[pic] |
| | |…...

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