Call and Qualification Analysis

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Call and Qualifications Analysis

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LEAD 635
Pastoral Theology

Christopher Callaway

Call to Pastoral Ministry
In MacArthur’s book Pastoral Ministry How to Shepherd Biblically he discusses in chapter 6 some certain criteria that provides assurance or confirmation that what we believe to be a call to ministry actually is a call to ministry. The criteria consist of four specific things the first is confirmation of the call to ministry by others and God. I started this pursuit of ministry officially back in 2009 however I was saved when I was young and born again in high school joined the Army was thrown off course for 6 years then I met my wife we began to invest our time and family in the church and I came to realize by working in the children’s ministry that ministry was my calling. I’m still not sure what level of ministry I feel in my heart it is lead pastoral ministry, but God has not affirmed that yet however God has and so has others many times that the path I am on is the right one and ministry is my calling. The second criteria are possessing the abilities to serve in a leadership position. I have always been a leader ever since I was child. Leading others has been my thing since I was little it continued in high school with athletics then into the military and then into marriage and fatherhood. I displayed many times in ministry my ability to lead others but only with the grace of God and his hand of leadership. Every leader has a follower and God is my leader and I am his follower. The third criteria are a longing to serve in ministry. If you endure what I have endured since 2009 my initial pursuit of ministry, then you know I have a great longing and motivation to serve God in…...

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