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Mission, Vision, and You

Gregory D. Lundberg


Juan Salazar

Mission, Vision, and You

In my current position with my company, we strive on safety and self-responsibility daily that everyone makes it home safe each night. As a whole, we come together and highlight the qualities that have contributed to our success in the past and will be critical to our success in the future. Mission Statement Every day, we are striving to improve life with energy in ways that keep the community informed of changes and our responsibility to each customer. As a company we produce and provide an excellent product, market on the fair open market and ultimately deliver the acquired electricity, coal, oil, and natural gas to our customers daily. Our efforts daily from everyone at our company utilizing our products and services so we are able to publicly share our energy while strengthening our communities with support, growth, and development within. Vision Statement Striving to be the energy partner that current customers and potential customers choose to fulfill their needs for energy. Our customers that are aided by our regulated or non-regulated businesses, we value everyone and want them helping us build a business relationship day in and day out to create comradery. Business Operations Everyone here at our company is proud of what we stand for and represent just that in our professionalism day in and day out with upholding our high standards of success. There are several key values that have been the building block of our foundation to our accomplishments for the past 130 years, along with others that will be dynamic to our forthcoming success. Social and Environmental responsibilities as we know will play and…...

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