Business in a Small Community

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Business in the Small Community

Paula Vaughan

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Operating a small business in a small community has many challenges. There are no large marketing firms, boards of directors, or legions of employees to make the operation run efficiently and productively. It is simply the owner, one or two other employees (usually family members), and the products being sold. In the case of some small businesses, there are a myriad of products to increase sales opportunities, and profits. I will be focusing on those businesses within the Choctaw Nation located in southern Oklahoma, and how they serve the citizens within their community. Small towns and small businesses with a large impact.

Southeastern Oklahoma is home to 31 towns, or communities, within Choctaw County alone. Most of these have a store that serves as gas station, grocery, hardware, and over-the-counter drug store. In addition they have a mechanic, a small diner, and two or three churches. Most mail is delivered on rural routes with post offices being located in the larger of the towns, or smaller ones several miles apart. In this area small business is a big deal.

The people of southeastern Oklahoma are in one of the five Promise Zones identified by President Obama in January 2015. The Promise Zone is “an anti-poverty initiative that provides resources such as grants and tax incentives to help improve conditions in persistently high poverty communities” (Cosgrove, 2015). As one of the largest employers in the area, the Choctaw Nation plans to offer job training and certifications to enable more of the area citizens a better chance at securing a career in today’s fast paced market. The Nation also helps those interested and capable, to set up their own business in their community. Many of these small businesses exist in southeastern Oklahoma.

One of the tools that…...

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