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The Quality Improvement Customers Didn’t Want

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The Quality Improvement
Customers Didn’t Want by Dawn Iacobucci


ack Zadow, the consultant, was persuasive. Wrapping up the hour-long presentation, he still seemed as energized as he had in the first five minutes. “Your biggest competitor, HealthCare One, has already begun using a computerized

reception system in 14 of its 22 facilities,” he said, pointing to the overhead projection illuminating the darkened conference room. The image was a regional map with red stars on every Health-Care One facility and yellow circles around the ones using the new system.
“When their members come in the door, they go right to a computer and slide their identification card through. Then the computer leads them through a set of questions about their current medical condition, the reason for the visit, and so on. Everything is done electronically: The computer pulls the member’s record, processes the new information, and then routes the member to the appropriate staff person for consultation.”

He slipped the next image over the map. It showed Quality Care’s own facilities in dull brown. “HealthCare One will have all its facilities up and running on the new system by
June. The number two player, MediCenters, is planning to install a similar system by
January 1997. I think you should consider it seriously—it’s really the wave of the future.”

The last overhead. A model of a “new and improved” Quality Care reception area. No more crowded waiting room. Patients talking with nurses in the privacy of small, partitioned cubicles. Other patients checking in, paying bills, even having their blood pressure taken at attractive computer stations.

“I think this one speaks for itself.” Jack let the image sink in for a moment. “But I’ll

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